Knightly order of Freedom and Righteousness

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Looking into the idea of putting together a knightly order related to Freedom and Righteousness based around principles that honor is only as good as what it is used for and sacrificing the innocent for your "code" is as bad as being the one to kill them yourself. Sort of like a more chaotic play on a goodly knightly order that focuses on the "Good" instead of the "Lawful Code." A key component in it will almost be a play against the typical "Lawful Stupid" paladin and how sometimes order can create just as much harm as I can good. Sometimes you have to "Break the Rules" to fight against evil.

    It's an idea that has IC roots and would be started from the ground up IG with existing stories and characters but I OOC wanted to see if it was something that would appeal to people before I tried to start a player faction with just like two people that never went anywhere.

    Alignment would be any Good with Lawful Good characters potentially feeling a bit conflicted with being a part of it.

    Would not have a patron deity, at least to start but would revolve around principles and such as good before law, freedom before order, oath to protect the innocent before oath to protect a lord etc.

    It would welcome almost any class as a "Roguish" knight who backstabs evil would be seen as just as "honorable" to the code of this order as a armored typical fighter knight.

    PM me, find me on discord or post here if you could be interested or have questions. Have the resources, connections and potential support to springboard this if there was enough interest in it but wanted to see if there was interest before I went in that direction.

  • Approach official tempan clergy ig yo!

  • Storyteller [DM]

    This is probably happening now if more people are interested. Should be a good time with conflict and stories abound!

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    The Free Order is live. Come join us and help us come up with a better name!

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    Have run into this thing, can vouchsafe it is fun. Do the thing.