-within old town, upon the gates-


    The lord that shall bring us back our Marshal Outerbridge comes in mere days. Gather up those loyal to you. Gather up your courage, your swords, your might. When Manzahar's retainer comes, he brings the cure for Marshal Outerbridge. Rise, Kingsmen. Rise to the aid of an ancient and forgotten lord. One that knows we are a KINGDOM, not some backwards dale full of anarchists. March your men to the northernmost gate and open it wide, AS WE HAVE PLANNED. Let them fly off the hinges as The Dread Queen's house marches in.

  • Your words are a misleading! If you really are Kingsmen, then you will not go against the King's wishes by siding with a sodding Necromancer. Stay true to your country. Resist Manzahar. Your Marshal can be saved, but that will not happen if the Kingsmen side with the vile necromantic arts of undeath- a literal break of law. Do not give into this dread. Have hope for a better future, for it will come.

    Remember the King's law, Kingsmen! Fight for your country! Not for a vile necromancer wannabe noble. He's just as bad as the rest.

    A symbol of Lathander is placed on the notice beside the one posted.

  • Admin [DM]

    many kingsman are torn...but it appears the few loyalists of Marshal Outerbridge are roused to action, of some kind or another.

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