Necromancer's troubles?

  • posted in the general area of Arabel, but especially in East Way

    It's come to the attention of Lady Mystra's clergy that the faith of Clar Banda (that somehow hasn't been made illegal yet) is once more trying to steal bodies of good folks by trickery and force to add to their zombie hoards. If you fear that one of your loved ones has been forced into the torment and misery of undeath, shackled into a nightmarish mockery of unlife and forced to relive the worse moments of their life’s again, again and again, then know that the Mystran church have plenty of experience at deamination and freeing your loved ones, so they may go to heavens, and will happily do so for free.

    We also recommend cremation in these parts with such a high necromancy count. It's rather hard to reanimate ash and the lack of a coffin is a small price for the knowledge that you've forever protected the soul of your loved one.

    Sarade Stamarster, Laypriestess of Lady Mystra

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