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    Citizens of Eastway Village


    Resident Merchants and Nobility

    Here let it be known the declaration of the Undead Court: First, know that I laugh at your ignorance. Scant days before your battle, you have already succumbed to loss and have placed yourselves within our easy reach, easy prey for wolves and worse, so that your deaths are assured. Some would remain silent with their mockery, but I find that, instead, I see benefit in your situation and wish to share it with you in full. As your hope of safety turns to ashes in your mouth, remember that it is only through the pain of loss that one gains enlightenment, and this is what I offer you now, refugees of Tilverton.

    House Mertoi cannot protect you. Nor can you, sitting idle by, protect the loved ones that shall meet their fates in Tilverton. Yet, we are not without some consideration for those whose loved ones shall die in these coming evenings, and we shall not be un-neighborly.

    Know that a small sacrifice to the Dread Queen shall stay the coming and inevitable doom that looms before you, protecting yourself and your loved ones when that day comes. The Court shall vouchsafe that Forces, living or otherwise, of House Manzahar shall not touch those who bear the black rose mark, when the dead issue forth. Approach the Shrine of Clar Banda, the seat of our power upon the mainland, with coin, poem, or offering of blood, pray with sincerity, and receive a Black Rose from the shrine.

    Those who wish to donate on behalf of a loved one may do so, though only one rose shall be issued per prayer and donation. Those whom she blesses shall perhaps have their loved ones returned to them; those whom she favors may have their loved ones spared altogether, until a natural lifespan might take them. And, should enough of the town convert that the Dread Priest and I are satisfied, perhaps the town itself will be spared, and your lives shall endure.

    This I vouchsafe as a representative of the Court of Undeath, sworn Unholy Warrior of the Dread Queen. See wisdom and Heed my warning, or perish as your loved ones shall.

    I shall open the gates of our Shrine at the hour of Twilight, each evening, along witht the Dread Priest in residence, to accept these donations and distribute issuance.

    Be warned that should any force unwisely choose to attack the shrine instead, I shall open the lowest crypts and not only slay every living man or woman who bears steel in our Unhallowed ground, but I shall lead the Undead therein, in full assault upon every living resident, combatant or not, and raise your protectors to turn them upon you.

    Act while you have been granted the chance.

    Dread Sword Marie-Rose Renarde

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    [Any poster visible in public is removed by order of Lord Mertoi]

  • [The ones nearest the shrine are replaced immediately, particularly one near the menacing-looking Dread Knight who stands guard at the gate. A few of the leaflets also end up on the roads coming and going from Lord Mertoi's lands.]

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