Letter for Falwyn

  • A Raven is sent to the tiefling Druid wherever it might find him. The letter is rolled and tied shut with a yellow ribbon.

    Falwyn, my dear sweet friend
    You pledged you’d aid me in the darkness of the hour,
    With your mysterious Druidic knowledge of power,
    So that I might not meet my end.

    An idea, I have
    Please. Hear me out!
    I beg you not ignore me like a drunken lout.
    Elementals, if you would be so brave

    To summon them,
    For the Tilverton townsfolk
    So that they may choke,
    The undead that will cause mayhem.

    With Hope,

    Ps. I’ve been reading books on poems, do you like it? I tried really hard. Townsfolk is hard to rhyme with.


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