Falwyn @ Yurin

  • Gores upon one tusk of a sassy, portly boar is a pretty perfumed paper with a soft pink seal. In soft blue dye is a paw print of a rabbit at the letter's head. The pig eyes Yurin nervously as he receives the letter and takes flight saueeling.

    I've heard you are famished;
    For any food new;
    Yet postponed by battles;
    As your hunger, it grew;

    I have an idea;
    An offer for in lieu-
    Of small monster bits;
    Just grand meals for you!

    Theres a place most foul;
    Of twisting arcane;
    Where order is maddness;
    And plants they abstain;

    It's the Helmlands they're called;
    Your tummy should train;
    For summons soon comes;
    You'll eat this vile bane!

    • Falwyn, Miracle Worker

    A lot of people are dumb and don't understand my rhymes! Let me know if I need to make smaller rhymes for you, because i heard dwarves are extra slow.

  • I know the place.

    It serves up tasty tender wyvern steaks, crunchy tree blights and chewy black unicorns.

    I'm hungry now.


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