Letter Addressed to Animus

  • @Mister-Moosh

    Now that the Glade of Freedom is restored once more. May I be allowed to set up a reward for any individual that turns in a bottle fey to me? That way I can start planting the bottles again and release the fey trapped inside?


  • The letter is placed under Animus' chamber doors within the Castle of the Purple Dragons within Eveningstar, as many are hopeful that his soul will be rejoined with his body.

  • Zuzana,

    I apologize for not offering a proper hug upon seeing your person yesterday. It would seem that no matter how well a corpse is preserved and maintained when a soul is removed from it, once the soul is returned to it, there is a considerable amount of pain still.

    I have seen the official notice from Captain Dauntinghorn that bottled fey are to be turned over to you for a bounty. I will instruct that the sign in front of Vanos' area is updated on your behalf.


    // @Puffy Is it possible to have that sign updated to indicate that bottled fey turned in will be delivered to Tilverton for this process or that if they can find Zuzana they'll get a bounty? The current sign indicates two other NPCs I've never seen in game at this time. https://nodebb.cityofarabel.com/post/288021