Letter to Lord Mertoi of East Way

  • Dear Lord Mertoi,
    I write to you on behalf of Tilverton. As you have likely heard from the sendings that Manzahar, the wanted criminal and necromancer of clar banda, intends to attack Tilverton by the end of the week. I write to you because I need somewhere for the innocent women and children of Tilverton to go temporarily whilst the battle wages. As suggested by Lord Bhaliir, East way is the best candidate as it is closest. Lord Bhaliir has offered a few men to escort the caravans to East Way if we can receive your approval to house our people until the battle for Tilverton has passed. Lord Bhaliir stated the their garrison in Eastway could take the civillians until the time has past. Thank you humbly for your time,
    Retainer Valeria Ashwood of House Dauntinghorn.

  • Admin [DM]

    Do you speak for the Mistral of Tilverton in this matter?

    If so, then my village shall provide refuge to your endangered subjects.

    Lord Mertoi

  • @spiffymeister
    Until she is feeling better and active once agin, yes. I am assisting with making sure the towns defenses are organized at current. Things are a bit chaotic in the town due to some absence among primary members being inactive. After speaking with Arabel’s council, I volunteered to step up and make sure things ran smoothly whilst others continued with their plans for defense.

    Thank you for your help and assistance. I’ll make the necessary preparations,

    Retainer of House Dauntinghorn.

  • Admin [DM]


    The refugees have been housed and rations has been granted, two dozen barricades and sixty sandbags shall arrive to Tilverton by the end of tomorrow.

    Lord Mertoi

  • @puffy

    Lord Mertoi,
    Thank you very much for your assistance. This kindness will not be forgotten. The civilians of Tilverton have you to thank for their safety from the menace that is Manzahar.

    • Retainer Ashwood of House Dauntinghorn.

  • Admin [DM]

    Repayment is unnecessary, a offering has been made in your honour at the altar of Bane. Discipline and order is our true weapon in this event of chaos and disorder.

    Fear only him,
    Lord Mertoi

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