Letter tossed into the Windfall portal for the courts

  • I hope this letter reaches the two rulers of the courts. Titania and her sister of air and darkness.

    My name is Zuzana Gullveig. I am the granddaughter to a Sylph that was a guard to the Summer court. I am but a quarter fey. I find myself living in Tilverton now. I helped create a glade so we can set free the souls that the drow have trapped in bottles.

    Because of my fey blood and ties to the feywilds, several parties have approached me to negotiate with the fey. I keep telling them I do not represent the courts nor have permission from the courts to do such. They are still Insistent I do so or contact you.

    The most pressing one is to ally with Arabel and Tilverton to attack Manzahar and stop his attacks on places. I wish to see him stoped at attacking the fey on Windfall.

    Will you allow me to become an ambassador to the great courts. Will you allow to meet with those seeking the courts audiences?

    Your child of the fey, Zuzana

  • Admin [DM]

    The letter arrives through the portal to a vast, boundless plain. It flutters on the breeze endlessly, never to be read, the winds taking it high and low on its long journey.

    As time passes, it is clear the Courts of the Fae have no interest in problems in the Prime Material Plane at this present time.

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