The teachings of Tempus, god of war and the search for the AVATAR OF WAR!

  • The Lord of War encourages us to be brave. The lord of war encourages us to fight for what is right. The lord of war teaches us to be honorable.

    But what is honor? People think honor is to follow a code that puts you above others. Honor is to be upheld when possible as long as it does not endanger the outcome. A warrior's duty is to WIN, not to lose honorably. When your honor puts the lives of those who would fight alongside you at risk, it has become selfishness and that is evil in nature!

    The difference between honor and dishonor is not what you do, it's why you do it.

    Fight for what is good and right, always!

    -Battlelord Bryndis Thorsdottir

  • With the Tempan church playing a critical role in the destruction of undead isle, the focus now shifts. The focus has shifted towards the Tempan temple in old town and the Dogs of War.

    The church will be keeping eyes out for those who have proven themselves in battle. The church will be seeking someone to take on the mantle of Avatar of War! The faithful of the Foehammer are coming for what was taken.

    -Battlelord Bryndis Thorsdottir

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