A note for Latok, sent with one of his posters.

  • @latoksinned said in Collaborators of Manzahar!:

    alt text

    The Following have aided or sworn allegiance to the necromancer lord, Manzahar of undead isle. Those of goodly intent and service to righteousness should offer them no aid or comfort until they repent and should be treated as enemies for the time being:

    • Eso of the Golden Guard
    • Early the undead former member of the Storm Dragons
    • Samantha Greyhalo, self proclaimed "undead hunter"
    • Angelo, former servant of Elodie (may currently be seeking redemption trust at your own risk)

    Be wary! The Purple Dragons and Militia have currently made no moves to openly declare Manzahar or his minions as enemies of Arabel or Cormyr! Those who fight for righteousness will have to take on this fight alone.

    Care to explain this? I've been giving out every piece of information I get about Manzahar to the Authorities, I do NOT need to deal with this.

    Take it down.


  • Storyteller [DM]

    This post is deleted!

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