[A Basket for Bhaliir]

  • A certain blonde haired Lathanderite is seen dropping off a basket filled with wild flowers found around Eveningstar. The basket is obviously bought from a street vendor in Downtown and carries various things such as speckled sun stones, wild flowers, green and red apples. Each apple looks to be grown naturally, cleaned and polished to be eaten. An adorably large yellow ribbon is tied along the rim of the basket. The basket also seems to smell rather- is that... Is that lavender and sea salt? Yes it smells like a mixture of both. Oddly pleasant and relaxing. A soft blanket holds these items so that it may not fall through or out of the warm and welcoming basket. A small note is attached to the basket.

    "For the man with the most splendid mustache in Arabel, Lord Foril Bhaliir.
    May these apples refresh your body, the flowers refresh your senses, and the scent refresh your mind. I hope these find you well.


  • The Basket is received. A Palace Courier delivers a response.

    My dearest Valeria,

    Thank you, for this basket. It is truly an invigorating piece of art. The flowers are wonderfully displayed- and the scent reminds me of the simple life out on the sea.

    As for the apples- I didn't even know they grew here this time of the year. They look simply delicious however, and I dare not touch them just yet. Instead, I will have my Herald prepare a pie out of these. He has this secret recipe- you would love it. "Krustpie", they call it.

    I will invite you to taste this pie later today, and if you are too busy- I will even send you some in a basket of my own. Simply refreshing, this. Thank you, miss Ashwood.

    Lord Foril

    @Lady-of-Dungeons @Terris

  • A lovely written note arrives with the courier as he returns. The handwriting is neat cursive from the hand of a woman who writes quite a lot. An interesting flower is drawn on the right side of the card. Though, likely very recognizable to the Lord considering it is a flower shared among nobility. The flower in question is called a 'King's Crown' or 'Rose Crown'. It is often find in high elevation meadow areas and is considered just a bit rare, which is why it is often used among nobility for high society parties. Despite that, the flower itself actually has powerful medicinal properties for fevers, natural healing promotion, and helps to get rid of inflammation and infection. - Which means it is a favorite among apothecarists and priests. The flower itself is colored a purple or rose pink color and looks similar to miniature lilies clustered upon a thick stem with far reaching leaves. The stem of the drawing wraps around the edge of the card. It looks as if she took time to draw it, meaning she either had it premade to reply with - or- she was quite fast at drawing.

    "Lord Bhaliir,
    The apples come from a small orchard that I've been growing in Tilverton. I intend on keeping one beside the apothecary that I have been planning on constructing there. Despite the fey matter, the plants are doing very well inside the town's limits and the yield seems almost blessed. I have actually never had the pleasure of enjoying apple pie, and thus would be delighted to share such a treat with you. I'm certainly glad you enjoyed the gift, I had hoped it'd lighten your day.
    With Joy,


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