Christoph Ampharen

  • Did you employ a half-wit laypriest of Tempus to pester me about that eye? This brat seems to think she is a masterful tactician, yet all I saw was an arrogant, ignorant twat that blurted out her own masterful plan in broad daylight, then threw a tantrum the moment I questioned the sanity of her plans.

    As I already have a court Jester, you can tell her I don't need another.

    Lord Bhaliir

  • I told her I'd given you an eye.

    I believe her plan holds merit, we've seen the value of Antimagic against the lich.

    Also a Battlelord is an official representive of the church.

    Artificer Ampharen

  • So I see.

    I expect a flawless plan presented, if I am to sign the aid of our forces- and the funds of the Northern Marches to this plan.

    So she introduced herself as a battlelord, is that right? I wonder how she got her post, fighting her allies?

    I will allow this priest of Tempus to present her plan to me again. But if she fails to make her case and instead wastes my time on her pompous warmongering, I'll have her Church send us a better tactician.

    Lord Bhaliir

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