Letter: High priest of Gond

  • We might need to keep adjusting the battle plans. That moron of a chancellor you have keeps blurting out sensitive details about it in public. I know nothing of the man, but if he is as incompetent as he's terrible at keeping sensitive information secret, it may be best to keep him out of the loop. At least -try- and make him understand that there's a lot of lives that rely on him being able to not blurt out the most crucial parts of our battle plans in public as if he's proud to know them?

    -Battlelord Thorsdottir

  • Battlelord.

    If he's a blabbermouth tell him false plans so faulty information gets to our foes.

    Seems the best way to handle this situation.

    Artificer Ampharen

  • Excellent plan.

    -Battlelord Thorsdottir

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