Solo quest rewards a bit high

  • I've been doing a lot of the solo quests recently, and I am admiterly a cleric with stoneskin with a low surply usage rate.. but I currently have like 11 minor healing wands and bucketload of gold, making me feel that a nerf may be in order.

  • @dracos

    Minor healing wands as in d4 healing per charge? And define bucketloads of gold. Also what quests. And how much from each quest. All this helps dms examine them and modify them.

  • @savn 3 10 charge moderates 8 10 charge light, likely making a 1000 gold from the same 3 quests with decent consumable drops.

  • @dracos

    Are these solo quests as in 1 man quests, or those are the rewards you get per person on low level quests? 1000 gold + wand/s per quest?

  • @savn Frin, Wizard Tower and Batman, as a solo level 7.

  • @dracos

    Just did Batman and Wizards tower and profit after expences was 350 gold total, 3 +3 healing kits 2 healing wands, a gnomish paint kit, a gnomish egg tosser, one use remove fear, and a garbage hand axe. A self buffer with stoneskin will make more naturally. Finn was not updated yet. Maybe you ment another.

  • @savn ahh sorry, ring quest (small female quest givers! )

  • @dracos @SpiffyMeister

    Using same buffs from Wizards Tower for most of the quest, profit was 250 gold. 500 after I sold a leather armor for 250 to Temons. Used wand charges, but got 6 cure light wound, and 5 prot evil from lost ring. If the Beholder Crown I found is sellable for 250 after I get it identified, then profit will go up by another 250.

    I also found a fruit that has five uses of CL 6 barkskin which has a financial value of 500+ gold in saved expences depending how much you pay for your cl 6 barkskins

    300+300+50 was quest payout for all 3 on complition. End quest xp even at 8 was solid.

    Expences that cost me money were Raznor buffs was 60-90. CL 6 barkskin to run all through was 160. 2 Shield potions is 100.

    If I went with a group, spawns would likely be harder, and same buffs would not last all 3 quests because rp would take place, adding considerably to the expences, and causing found loot, including wands to have to be divided by more people.

  • What are the solo quests????

  • I got to say, having a lot of cure light wands isn't exactly an issue at lvl 4 plus >.> Healing with those is maaaassively time consuming

  • I'm once again agreeing with CB, but also would like to state that based on what I've seen lately on quests, if anything for many of them the reward is too small.

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