Elk Clan Shamen: Spamming Slay Living

  • The Elk Clan Barbarian Shamans on the swamp barbarians quest seems to be spamming slay living with a DC of 18. It's a bit nasty as we ran into spawns of 4+ of those suckers! You can't particularly burst them down either, as they are rather tanky.
    A bit of a nasty surprise that I'm not sure is intentional or not. Either way, here it is!
    Had a party of 7, two level 10s, one 9 and the rest were 6/7

  • Having done this with Locke last night, I saw no issues with this quest. In fact, it seems a lot better now. It could probably stand to be made a little more challenging, with a little bit better items but not much. The shamans do not spam death magic, there was a single casting I witnessed.

    The two deaths that occurred were due to unfamiliarity with the changes and nothing more (ie not being able to metagamw yet).

    I would recommend changing the barbarians however. Make them a lot more dangerosmus offensively and a less of an absurd HP sponge. Their SR feels high, but no one ever takes spell penetration to overcome it, so that's on them.

  • Had the slay living cast on myself a few times in that, but saves. I just hate save or die stuff in general since it pretty much requires metagaming to counter properly. Unless it's something obvious that anyone would know, like bodaks or medusas. Rename em to Barbarian Death Shaman and we'd be set, honestly.

  • Just assume any cleric can cast it. 😉

  • Is the loot any better?

  • Didn't notice any change. Level range is still 6-10.

  • Define "spam Slay Living".

    They have multiple castings of it? Multiple shaman spawn?

    This is a bit too vague for me to just open up the toolset and fix it.

  • Sorry. From what I saw, each barbarian shaman casts it once, as well as the shaman seers. The party I was with spawned Shamans in groups of 4-5, which is a lot of slay livings in one encounter.

  • Thanks, that helps me fix it much faster!

  • If there's really that casters spawning I'd agree. The run I went on only spawned 1 though, and I thought you were on it and died.

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