Abscaded Cannivasery

  • In the Twisted Maze, and throughout the Hullack, a message is written in dyes and sap upon stones before the rains wash it away. In Old Town, leaflets appear on the Gallow Tree, and in shrines, and as graffiti upon walls where urchins and outlaws gather and read. The Citadel is granted no such word, but north if it's gates amongst those outsiders of this human nation; half-elves, and half-orcs are invited to read parchments that spread. Few, if any show much interest at first, but the message remains persistent and consistent.

    ~When time was still new;
    And oaks, they first grew;
    When gods we're still young and naive;

    The fey lords they fought;
    And bickered for naught;
    Strife came and widow's they grieved.

    ~A prince took a stand;
    Rebellion began;
    Beloved by the small and the bold;

    But failure took root;
    Locked 'way til the moot;
    This legend be forgotten and old;

    ~Yet came to me, he;
    An heir so kindly;
    Sang song of exile with Glee;

    The moot, it comes soon;
    Bringing glory or doom;
    To the courts of both the Seelie;

    King's heir begotten;
    To restore the lost Twilight Court;

    A place for the weird;
    'Cause terribly feared;
    Brothery for outcasts of a sort;

    ~Find us with the trees;
    Or darting b'tween knees;
    Singing songs and living gaily;

    Where once we were lone;
    We'll now have a home;
    The Abscaded Cannivasery;

    Beneath the rhyme, is the paw print of a rabbit done with pink dye.

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