To the rescue (slaad quest) : spawns out of control

  • Last night there were only 2 of us on so we decided to try this quest out. Upon entering the big room, a group of 9 or 10 gray slaad appeared on top of me. I ended up logging out to avoid a painful bug death, but something is obviously VERY broken

  • I have screen shots of this insanity. - I might add that I never triggered the black slaad spawning. I didn't even get close to touch the body. These slaad spawned before they were supposed to. In fact I had run ahead to go and trigger the spawn and suddenly, TWELVE grey slaadi spawned on her. She logged, and used an invis potion and like 40 more grey slaadi started spawning. It was rediculous. I am glad I carry invis pots for oh shit moments. I was able to get out, but she was near death.

    Image 1
    Image 2

  • That's odd and makes no sense; its like triggers were spawning multiple times instead of just once.

  • Seems it was lag induced.

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