Withering heights Bandit spawns are out of control

  • When the bandit npc's were changed for other quests, it also changed the difficulty of withering heights dramatically (mostly due to the bandit mage changes)

    Spawns that usually consisted of 1 or 2 elite bandit mages, and 2 or 3 bandit mages, now consist of 4 or 5 Bandit mages.
    And all bandit mages are now each individually three times harder to kill than elite bandit mages (because ontop of the typical stoneskin invis combo, they also pop death armor and elemental shield), and twice as deadly (they spam dispel and hold person).
    Meaning the mob difficulty doubled, and the mob quantity tripled, so the difficulty is more than five times harder.

    Meaning even if it was only one of these mages, you'd be hard pressed to kill it before it dispelled you and held someone. With five of them, theres no viable strategy to go through these encounters without spending half of the quests reward in each fight, you straight up get dispelled and held in every single encounter.
    This is a very long quest and these guys show up in almost every bandit encounter in the middle portion of the quest, they go through your resources very fast because they require counterplay to survive, but they dispel your counterplay two or three times per fight.

  • Bandits Mages need to be set to unique on the encounters, they were originally set up wrong. 😞

  • It's much harder, but nothing about it seemed out of control to me. We had no fighters, just typical absurdly broken OP monk build doing all the lifting, and no real support for him. Needs more data.

  • Hey!

    You had one fighter!

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