Falwyn @ Howler Circle

  • Sent to the maze is a husky looking boar with an especially sassy strut. One of its tusks has impaled upon it, a folded envelope, sealed with mud curiously dyed to appear pink. The boar grumbles, and trots away upon delivery, displaying a purple ribbon tied to it's tail.

    Seconds away;
    Or so they say;
    Are my riddles, and poems sung by night and rarely the day;

    I'll not cross the fox;
    Nor brave Lion and his 'locks;
    Though stubborn boar, and bumbling traveler-o' shall they hear the bounty of my stocks!

    For death can come by mere word;
    Or the irreverent and absurd;
    Not soley by hounds, sickness or hunting birds;

    A jest or a joke I'll bring to your court;
    Or a dance, or a kiss or a hostage of a sort?
    But expect me not to bring gem or stone or quart;

    Receive me as a mother;
    Or simply call me dear brother;
    For the company of druids always requires another;

    • Falwyn, who has Twisting Roots

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