“Knights” of the Broken Blade

  • “Knights” of the Broken Blade
    The cold spring night, leaked into the broken ruins of what had once been a home. Huddled around the make shift camp fire in the center of the once magnificent living room, sat a group of around 6 people, their ragged cloaks tucked tightly around them. From the dented cooking pot hanging over the fire, spread the smell of food, and despite its questionable content, the smell made the stomachs of the group rumble with hunger. Upon first glance, the group looked hardly distinguishable from the rest of the Old Town inhabitants. Yet if you looked closer, a spectator could just make out the rusted links of a chain shirt, the half rotten leather of a sword scabbard, or the iron of an old battle axe.
    On the broken book shelf in the far corner, old volumes of children stories, or discarded books of knightly virtues were stacked with a librarians care. One mans discarded lyrics, is another mans most prized possession, and it would be clear to all, that the “library” belonging to this little group were held in the highest regard.
    Yet should someone enter this humble abode for the first time, it would not be the Old Towners sitting around the fire, the cooking pot with its questionable content, nor the beggars library that would catch ones eye. On an crumbling altar, compiled of mostly stolen stone from an abandoned temple supported by drift wood, and placed there with the gentlest of care by a devoted soul, touched by the rays of the moon shining through a large hole in the ceiling, was a rusted sword hilt, with at best an inch or two of dented steel left on it. While the gems on the pommel had been removed long ago, the crest of “The Knights of the Merciful Sword”, the famous knights of the triad was clearly visible, as the last remaining inches of steel shining back at the moon.
    As a spectators sight might wander from the odd ornament, and back towards the small group, the odd ornament of their crumbling home now in mind, the group would perhaps look a little different. Barely adults of age, and while dressed in rags, a hint of a uniformed persona would become visible. Whether it was their “holy” symbols of gods of goodness, made of bended nails or old copper coins, the poor man’s dyes used upon their rusted armors where ever the dye would stick, or the hard eyes with a glimmer of compassion, upon a second glance, there would be signs of uniformity. Or perhaps what was most odd, was how the barely adult group would address one another. “Lord Marshall, may I offer you another portion of “Rats delight?” a boy would say, as he dutifully shared the meager, watered down content of the cooking pot in the broken bowls in the hands of his comrades. “Yes, thank you Sir Lawrence. But do make certain our keeper of the scrolls eat her portion. She will need her strength if we are to take on the demons again tonight.”

    Long story short, I played the idea of a group of ragged, dirtied slummers, left to fend for themselves in the dirtied streets of Old Town. No formal education, no fancy respect and admiration by being “paladins of holy orders”. Instead, this small group would have had nothing but the legacy of past heroes to “build their own dreams on.” How would a paladin of the triad, or a cleric of Tyr be flawed by growing up in an area, where one needs to steal or murder in order to survive.

    I am thinking paladins with the dirty fighting feat, variations of “rogues”, wanna be knights, having to use the tools of a thug, fighting gangs for food, eating rats and mice and whatever else, in order to survive, with the only “law” growing up, either coming from corrupt militia men, or evil gangs.

    That turned into neat concept, that I will be launching this week, doing my first attempt ever at a NON app, EiG paladin concept.

    The concept is centered on the Knights of the Merciful Swords, the slums, and an idealist’s dream of returning Arabel to better days. I will be playing a "as usual silly build", and will be getting IG more often during the week.

    I reckon we can make just about any concept fit. Even evil slummers, who think themselves good, or seek redemption, or something third. Your choice, if you wanna join up.

    • Reestablishing the presence of the Triad (Or establishing our own Holy order)
    • Freeing Justiciar Sane (Former Official Clergy of Tyr) from his hell bound prison,
    • Finding the Spear of Justice (wielded by Nora, the last leader of the Knights of the Merciful Sword)
    • Reassembling Tyr's Law (A relic used by Clar Banda to achieve godhood)
    • Crusading against the Island of Clar Banda
    • Becoming the inquisition that shall forever purge Arabel from its corruptive self
    • Being fucking awesome paladins, monks, clerics etc. of the Triad
    • Making trials FUN (Who knows, maybe we will find a ways
    • Fighting dirty, but in a LG fashion.

  • I like it!

  • Storyteller [DM]

    My current character would LOVE to help this group out!

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