Lord Winter-

  • Dear Sister in Faith, Lord Winter
    It is on a sad and most urgent occasion that I must ask for your assistance. Tilverton, a new village that is only on the cusp of a new beginning beneath the blessings of the Morninglord, is being threatened by the undead scourge that is Manzahar. I, personally, plan on erecting an apothecary in this town with a shrine to both the Grain Goddess, and Lathander. Though, I cannot do this, if the town is decimated by undead. Though I will fight against this ilk, I know I am but one person. I beseech and beg of you, and the temple of our shared faith, to please aide us in the coming defense of this beautiful community and save the lives of innocent people. There are wards on the town to protect it against that of evil or curses, but I fear that it alone cannot protect Tilverton.

    I understand that I likely do not have much sway among our faith, but I know that you do. I have never been good with politics.- And that this is asking a lot of you. I do not have much, but I will offer anything I can in thanks for any aide that you can provide to my new home. I hope that, perhaps, if the townsfolk see the aide that our faith can bring- that it will give them hope and allow them to look towards the dawn of a brighter future. Thank you for your time.

    Fair Dawn,
    Valeria Ashwood
    Retainer of House Dauntinghorn.

  • Admin [DM]

    There is little I can spare to aid your village so far from mine.

    I apologize.

    Lord Winter

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