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  • This is to let you know what the Garden of Freedom is.

    I was asked by Damion shortly after I arrived in Arabel while on my dajemma from Rashemen. He approached be due to my fey heritage. He wished to create a glade with the power of Akadi and the fey. He said this glade would make possible the releasing of the souls trapped in the bloodstones and the bottled fey. Damion, Beila and myself created this Glade of Freedom. The first ones we planted sent out a massive life energy wave that caused the flora to burst forth with life. Each bloodstone and the bottle we planted burst forth into a tree. Where we assumed the soul will rest till it passes on to their proper deity. With this creation, I was strangled by some roots that we had to weed. I died in the creation of the glade, but one root in particular attached itself to my Wrist and brought me back to life. I was resurrected from the dead with it. No damage was to me.

    Latter with the debacle we discovered at Arael, we learned the elm tree had tapped the glade to steal the souls from the trees. I had only received one letter from there when I asked if the souls were freed. The response was that they were. Damion was the one who was in contact more with Arael than I was. The glade was nice and calm, we freed a few more fey and no more bloodstones at someones request. I tended the glade every day planting flowers and spreading my own fey dust on the ground. Life was blooming forth. The forest was growing, the farm lands were growing in abundance. Things were good till Elodie showed up.

    I figured what happened to her was due to the design of the glade. Set things free from prisons. The spark was typically a prisoner of her so I think it took the spark due to that. It latter was transferred to Arael due to the tainted elm being tapped into the glade. The night Elodie went to the glade, the root on my wrist finally bloomed into a beautiful cherry blossom that has yet to wither away.

    When it comes to Arael, You were with us there. You know what happened. The leaves however were the vibrant colors the glade saw after it absorbed the spark. Mazanha said the same thing was happening on his island.

    Now despite the corrupted tree using my glade as a food source. The magic behind it to free the souls is still there. I still intend to receive it and bond myself to it so that the Glade of Freedom can in deed be used to free souls trapped. Damion is trying to gather the last item he needs for an air staff. I am waiting on the staff and the Guard's Eye blooms as well as alchemist water and fire. With the elm dead, there should no longer be the taint to my glade. also if I bond with it. I can ward it against such in the future.

    Now you may not care for the glades revival or hesitant on it. But the glade releasing the massive life forced took out the wards on Mazaha's island. If we have the glade back, to save at least the fey, we will ally with the fey of Windfall and have a weapon to strike at the island.

    Carver has yet mounted an expedition to gather the blooms.


    p.s. I do hope you have both those recipes I need for the glade revival the Alchemist fire and water.

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