Letter to the Ornery Badger Staff

  • Dear honoured inn owner

    I require the use of your inn for an evening of great religious importance to the faith of Mystra, as you have both a Shrine and catering. Several representatives of people of considerable power (1) and their support staff (2) are likely to be present, some of which may get a little rowdy (3) which each other due to competing faction issues (4). However, your humble inn will be immortalised in Mystran scripture and highly likely to become a place of great pilgrimage and good long-term profits. (5)

    I will be making a long speech, as well taking and answering questions from the honoured guests. Some food and drinks would be appreciated (6) and I will be bringing some assistants with me (7), I would be fine (8) if some of your people were also present as well.

    I understand this is at rather short notice and I’m not at liberty to talk of the details of the exact topic in writing, but understand it’s of great important to the future of the Weave and Lady Mystra’s wellbeing (9)

    Priestess Sarade Stamaraster, Priestess of Mystra

    On the other side of the letter

    (1) Fey Lords and Ladies
    (2) Also fey
    (3) Like turning your husband into a horse, your horse into your best friend and your best friend into your husband
    (4) The Summer and Winter courts hate each other guts.
    (5) I will pray for you that the morning after isn’t -too- bad
    (6) They like candy and wine apparently. If there eating and drinking, then not turning people into unicorns right?
    (7) Pity them
    (8) Eternally grateful that I’m less alone in the fey insanity
    (9) You really think I invite this many fey if I wasn’t on a mission from my goddess?

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