Letter to the Meat Market

  • Storyteller [DM]

    [This letter is dropped through a sewer grate]

    My daughter was eaten alive by ghouls. When I'm finished with the necromancer lord of undead isle, I'm coming for you. You shouldn't have threatened the children. I may be a warrior for righteousness but the only thing holy you are going to feel, is the amount of terror as I hunt you down like a rabid wolf and turn you and your creations into an oak pincushion.

    You have until Manzahar's downfall to pack up and leave.

    -The letter is left unsigned-

  • [A letter is sent back, the envelope containing it made from slightly tanned human flesh. It appears blood has been used as the ink, and the writing has a style of flourish to it]

    Your empty threats of 'righteousness' are accepted, and considered as if you have accepted our challenge. When our first creation is prepared, you will be given the location to face it. Remember, if you fail to show up, the innocents that it will slaughter and eat will be upon your head.

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