[A letter arrives for "Lord Foril Bhaliir"]

  • [A letter arrives for Lord Bhaliir. The envelope appears to be made out of overly tanned human skin. It appears that blood has been used as the ink. A copy of a notice posted around town is attached (https://nodebb.cityofarabel.com/topic/41931/the-meat-market-issues-a-challenge-to-warriors-of-good) , as well as the drawing of a small smiley face.]

    Graceful, Elegant and Exquisite Speciman, Lord Bhaliir,

    As good Lord of this city, you are undoubtably aware of all the things going on in it. As you've no doubt noticed, there is a copy of a poster that has gone around recently. If a 'holy warrior' does not present themselves to face our creations, then we are going to hold you personally responsible. As such, you have until we announce our first incident that is described in the above copy of our bulletins, when we take the children of arabel from the streets, not only will we butcher them, but we will rip their souls out and sell them to infernalists.

    -Warm Regards,
    -The Meat Market

  • Who is this, the dwarf from Shylocks?

    I don't have time for every lunatic in the city. If you want to eat meat, there's plenty of it in the woods. What's the point of eating scrawny children?

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