Letter: Damion

  • Damion, @latoksinned

    This is a humble reminder that I am in need of your written testimony regarding the events for today. I ask that you not make me wait long for it.

    -Battlemage Heterodyne

  • Battlemage,

    This will be a full report of the truth discovered today revolving around the entire fey related events:

    When I learned of Elodie's inevitable betrayal and evil I sent a personal letter to Arael seeking advice and assistance regarding Elodie's decision to hand over their bottled kin to the Thayans. This letter was responded with Arael occupying Tilverwood and declaring themselves our allies. I wish to express the importance that this was in response to a personal letter of mine and not an official or sanctioned treaty by the Mistral or Tilverton. As our town is lacking in the resources to fight off an invading fey army, I attempted to find a peaceful solution to remove them from the village and the woods and was given a very short timetable of seven days by Lord Bhaliir. Since I had very little time I unfortunately did not have the ability to carefully plan and had to appeal to the fey's impulses.

    Zuzanna, Belia and I all received letters and magical petals from, who we thought, was the Baroness of Arael. These letters instructed us to burry bottled fey in our grove and they would be free. The letters assured us that any other method would destroy the fey's souls and this was the only way. Coming from the fey themselves, we had no reason not to believe this. It was later I learned Manzahar had been at war with Winfal for months and was attempting to start a mass genocide of fey.

    Here is where things get dark and the truth is revealed. There never was a Baroness Rethil of Arael. The Ancient Elm tree where Arael was once built was actually a corrupted unseelie being. A giant sentient tree. When High Priestess Rethil was captured two years ago it grew it's roots into her and has been controlling her like a puppet all this time as a way to control the fey. When we planted that grove, it spread the roots of the tree into the Tilverwood. When I urged Elodie to touch the trees, the roots grew into her and seized the spark, consuming it into the heart of the Ancient Elm. The spark killed the Elm. I don't know if it was because of its raw power or because the tree was corrupt and the spark was divine but the point is the elm died, it released Rethil's body and whatever presence or soul was left of the evil thing fled into the feywild. The buried bottled fey were empowering the tree in its fight against Manzahar and when the tree was killed by the spark, the fey it was controlling went mad.

    I urged Zuzanna to use the spark to resurrect rethil, and Christoph attacked her in order to prevent it. After Christoph was subdued, Zuzanna resurrected Rethil and the tree began to fall apart. We escaped and turned over the spark to Lord Bhaliir per his orders. When we arrived in Eastway, War Wizard Donovan arrived and asked what had happened at Arael... since it was now gone. Lord Bhaliir refused to acknowledge the spark so Retainer Ashwood an I spoke up and told him we had it. Lord Bhaliir continued to argue with the War Wizard regarding his status with the crown and continued to refuse to acknowledge he had the spark or hand it over. Know this could come down to force in order to ensure the spark got into the right hands, I drew my weapon and prepared for battle and retainer Ashwood put her hand on her sword but did not draw. The stand off between the War Wizard and Lord Bhaliir continued until Christoph arrived and began enhancing himself with spells with his own weapon drawn. It was then Lord Bhaliir finally handed over the spark to the War Wizard. I do not know if it was because he finally heard what he wanted to hear or if because with the scales tipped in our favor he felt this was a fight he couldn't win.

    Although I claim responsibility for my and Zuzanna's brash actions and risky methods I wish the following to be taken into consideration:

    • Elodie confessed she had not plan to aid Cormyr with the spark and she was going to hand it over to her god (4 days from the grove incident). So had we not done exactly as we did the spark would have been lost.

    • Arael was an unseelie invading force that had captured High Priestess Rethil and began invading and claiming lands owned by Cormyr. Had we not don't exactly as we did, this threat to Cormyr would not have been eliminated. Because of our actions not only is the north safer but the bond between Evereska and Cormyr is now stronger as the High Priestess was returned home by one of their envoys.

    • The Phaeram would not have been eliminated last night and for the foreseeable future until another spark or weapon could have been found.

    • Our actions were able to break the wards on undead Isle, allowing the fey to siege it, despite it's mythalite empowered wards. This means the island has a weakness we can exploit in the future to take down Manzahar.

    I have to face the responsibility and risk of my actions to whatever fate that may be, but I want it remembered that none of this good would have come without them. I followed the winds as they guided me and though each action seems like a mistake, it was all part of a bigger picture to a better end. I can only assume the blessings the Mistral gave me to be an agent of the wind, lead me down this path.

    -Damion Latok

    [A second letter is attached as well, this one with a more fearful tone to it]


    Days ago, Manzahar contacted me and threatened to destroy Tilverton if I did not serve him in his war against the fey and aid him in destroying the Phylactery of the lich. He then used the divine spark he possesses to touch me with a terrifying power that I could not resist or understand. It does not compel me, but it has left a small scar on my cheek the shape of a raven.... his symbol. One of Bhaliir's men has this same symbol on him and Manzahar's raven familiar constantly follows him around. I have a suspicion he is working for Manzahar. I need someone to help me find out what this mark is and remove it if we can.... Please....


  • Damion,

    I have provided your fiance with an empowered flower that should help with defenses for Tilverton. Furthermore I will be assisting the Artificer as he prepares further defences. We will see Tilverton succeeds against Manzahar.

    Regarding his mark I want to actually divine the mark upon your face via magical means. Let us meet to do so.

    -Battlemage Animus

  • A second letter follows the first one, this time with the official purple wax seal of the Purple Dragons

    Damion, @latoksinned

    It pains me to pen this letter but I must make you officially aware of the charges levied against you at this time.

    • Reckless Endangerment (Serious Crime); Endangering travel routes between Tilverton to and from Arabel and Inviting an unallied secular actor onto Cormyrian soil.
    • Treason (Capital Crime); Acting against the Country's interests with no original intention to deliver the Spark of Divinity to the War wizards. Hoping instead that the Forest would consume it completely.

    These are serious crimes but you will have your day in court to defend yourself. A date for the trail has not yet been set but once it is set, I suggest you attend, else they will issue a warrant for your arrest. To be clear; you are free to do as you have been until you fail to show for this court date.

    Your written statement has been entered in as evidence. I would suggest you gather statements from others and name character witnesses when the courts summon you. I wish you Tyche's blessings in this matter.

    Thank you,

    -Animus Heterodyne
    Battlemage, College of War Wizards
    Acting Minister of Magic, Arabel
    alt text

  • I request the presence of a war wizard, preferably Donavan, the High Priest of Gond, Christoph, and the High Priest of Akadi, Ophirae be present at my trial. If I am to be judged, my faith and the other faith represented by Tilverton should have a say and the War Wizards who profited by my actions should as well.


  • Damion,

    Your request has been received and I have provided it to the appropriate authorities. You should come find me at the Castle at some point. I have information I cannot put to paper but I feel you would find interesting.

    The last word seems to have been embolden via ink.

    -Battlemage Animus

  • I need this mark off me... I thought I was just stress but I feel a loathing a hate for the people I called my friends and allies. All I can see is their disdain for me, their dissapoitment and scorn and it’s makes me hate them more. Every day I walk to the wild lands and stare at the portal... thinking how easy it would be to speak the word and charge in for one finally skirmish before seeing my family again... I’m falling apart and I fear he did this to me...


  • Damion,

    Come see me in the Castle in Eveningstar and let us see what we can do to remove this mark. No one should have to live like this.

    -Battlemage Animus

  • Damion,

    I received your letter regarding the mark of Manzahar and lack of aid in removing his mark. It would seem this was almost a week after I invited you to the Castle in Eveningstar to examine the mark, but I can understand your duress as I was subsequently indisposed for a matter of time.

    I assume now that Manzahar has been defeated his magical mark no longer effects you?

    -Battlemage Animus

  • With Manzahar's death I am my old self again. My emotions no longer run hot and I can see clearly and act calmly. I used a magical bit of ooze to rub off the scar and I appear to be back to good health. Thank you for your concern, however. I appreciate everything you tried to do for me, even if I didn't show it in my cursed state.