Poem to Wyrmlocke

  • Hunter in a twilight forest walks.
    A prize he sought so pure of white.
    A clearing in the forest green he came.
    A sweat song on the wind he did hear.
    A lone tree within the middle.
    Sitting in the rest of the willow.
    A lone woman of twinkling beauty.

    Upon his gaze, he did see grace.
    With her there, she looked at him.

    He approach the weeping tree.
    She giggled a song so pure.
    He knelled in the turf.
    Who are you my sweat divine?
    She replied one of the tree.
    Will away you come with me?
    I will make you mine and love.

    Her shining face, she did shake.
    This place here, I may not leave.

    Upon the dawn the man returned.
    A flower of love in his hand.
    The glade he returned with haste.
    There she was singing true.
    A gift he brought her now.
    She smiled with the sent.
    Will away you come with me?

    Her lips soft, kissed his cheek.
    This tree here, I can not leave.

    I am one with this life.
    Twined together we are one.
    You are sweat like the rays.
    If you love me true.
    Then here you too must stay.
    The man did hear her voice.
    He awayed for another day.

    His owned things, he did pack.
    His long home, he did leave.

    In the glade he set his camp.
    From dawn till dusk he worked.
    Walls of wood he raised.
    All the time the girl did see.
    His life he ended just for her.
    Love grew in her heart.
    She too looked upon him true.

    With the two, together there.
    In each arms, the tow agreed.

    They both will remain.
    In the hidden glade together.
    The two accepted each one.
    With the love they shared.
    A new life was given breath.
    A child of two so strange.
    A product of things that can.

  • I will attack in seven days. Prepare.

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