Letter: Zuzana "Little Fey"

  • My Little Fey, @Zargen-of-Zandor

    I write today because I know you are still probably full of emotions regarding what has happened to your glade. I must stress that you think back to our conversation in the garden at the Spire. You may be suspicious of the Lord Chancellor for a myriad of reasons, but you cannot go about accusing him of treason or other slander because of the situation.

    Remember you must have proof, and if you have proof you must provide it to the proper people. Either way I would suggest against speaking out about him in a public forum. From my understanding while you may have every right to be mad, he is in a lot of positions of power and a public outburst only loses you would be allies.

    I know Firstsword Early is looking to find a reason to charge you with crimes and I know Retainer Ashwood has not been impressed by your public proclamations. I have been able to convince Early and Ashwood both to calm down. I have even asked Ashwood to work with you but I must urge you to have patience.

    You have already seen my commitment to you and your cause by stopping Vanos from harming more bottled Fey and before the spark embedded itself in your glade I was in the process of finalizing agreements to have subsequent bottled Fey turned over to you in Tilverton. I ask that you honor my faith in you and your work with patience and faith in me and my work. Things take time, brash action solves nothing for anyone.

    I will be in touch. For now what methods have you discerned that we can use to restore your glade? Remember, I do not want you acting without me on this. It is important.

    -Battlemage Animus

  • @mister-moosh
    Sorry. I get so frustrated at times. I am part fey and we are not known for our emotional control. I will try to keep my mouth shut about Bhaliir.

    As for the method I am attempting to do; The root that you see upon my wrist. It is apart of the glade when it was created. I had died due to roots strangled me. This little root attaches to me and brought me back to life. It has recently bloomed into a cherry blossom. It has not felt the taint to the glade. It is still good and pure. It can be used to reset the magic there I believe. Also I tended that glade everyday since the creation of it and dusted my own fey dust on the ground there. There is a part of me there.

    The plan is for me to go and -plant- myself there. Bind the glade to me and me to the glade. I know this means I will no longer be able to return to my homeland. I will be bound to the glade like the dryads to their trees. The root on my wrist will combine with me to grow a cherry tree. When the glade and myself becomes one, I can then expel the spark if that is the cause or what ever ales it. If all goes well, after the tree grows, I will step out of the tree similar to a dryad.

    If it is the spark, I will hand it over to a war wizard. I do not wish to possess anything like that. You have my word. I want the glade protected and that thing is harming it.


  • Zuzana,

    First I would wish you congratulations. I heard about your impending nuptials. I do hope you will think to invite me to celebrate with you both.

    I am writing you today regarding good news and a request. The good news is that I have relayed your intent to reform your glade to the War Wizards. I have the bloom you seek apparently empowered with additional magic.

    That said before I can provide it to you I do need a written report and everything that went on with Arael, the Spark, Lord Bhaliir, everything. Please provide this report to me soon and we can, together, talk with the Mistral regarding your glade.


  • @mister-moosh

    First off, I wish to thank you. I will let you know when we will get married so you may attend.

    About Arael; We went there with a report that the trees there were undergoing the same thing that happened at the glade. A letter was sent for aid. When we arrived, Unseelie were being driven mad, out of control. As we reached the top of Arael, they were all slain by the mad fey. I felt a pull. A small portal was inside the tree to the Feywilds. We went in hoping to find survivors. More fey that went mad met us inside. We fought our way to the heart of the great tree. There an unstable portal to the feywilds was discovered at the foot of the High Priestess. Roots tainted and wrong had grown into her, body dead for two years but kept in tacked. The druid dropped iron into it to seal it away. The spark was ejected from it. I picked it up while I was trying to do something to bring the Priestess back. At the time I thought she was the Baroness. I never met her before so thought it was her and wanted to save her. Chris demanded the spark and immediately attacked me before I could even respond. A few came to my aid before he dropped me and take the spark from me. Ashwood and Early I think stepped in between us. I asked the Lord if I may be allowed to save her at least before I gave him the spark. He allowed it. Christoph then started to attack Ashwood trying to get to me as I worked the power to bring her back. Early. I think it was him. Also started to fight off Christoph. After I was done bringing her back, I handed over the spark. After that the tainted dead tree started to collapse, we had to run and escape.

    We got back to East Haven where the Lord handed off the spark to Dunham and I escorted the High Priestess back to the Spire. All the wile the druid was trying to sweet talk his way into her pants. Latter a pixie came to me and Damion to thank us for riding of that awful tree.

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