Letter to Dweomerkeeper Raznor, marked Important (spoilers!)

  • Honoured Senior

    I was recently busy in the region of Tilverton Village, when I met a bunch of adventures talking of the aftermath of incident involving a "Divine Spark". I decided to listen while enjoying my daily fruit intake. Imagine my reaction when they just mentioned quite casually the Spark was part of Mystra!

    While the gathered just seem to think the holy object as just some mere weapon, I quickly understood I needed to acquire the location of this Spark and figure out a way to return its power back to our Lady. With a little inquiry I discovered the one known as Elodie, a woman report to toy with the lower planes, had been trusted to carry the Holy Spark, as some minor trinket called a "penal cloak" was around her neck.

    The Lord known as Bhaliir had brought her to aid with some kind of mass "bottled fey freeing" at the "Freedom Glade". Anyway once the freeing had started, the newly created trees tried to murder Elodie, apparently drawn to her taint (a tiefling of likely demonic blood was also attacked). The one known as Lord Bhaliir, in action that suggested close links with Elodie, rather than seeing her as a disposable servant, then set about destroying the newly created forest with fireballs. In the resulting chaos she quickly used the Divine Spark to free herself from the cloak, before using it ineffectively against the fey trees. The Spark then 'exploded' and Elodie escaped.

    Now while my understanding is Lord Bhaliir is facing legal consequences for his corruption, so we don't really need to concern ourselves with that, however I did do an investigation of the explosion site as a matter of urgency alongside the adventurers and discovered the "explosions" effects.

    First thing I did was try and reach out as a priestess to see if our lady power was present, and found it had a more powerful presence than at any shrine I've ever been too, making me believe the Spark is still present, just not in a form that let you touch it.

    Now a Warwizard turned up on the scene as well (I believe there highly competent wizard employed by the local king?) and aided in the investigation. We quickly discovered the trees were full of bound souls, and the plant life had a fondness for blood. Fey of the mad cap type (including ones with flaming heads) attacked us and the area seem to suck magic dry as well.

    Now I'm not going to pretend at this stage to fully understand what taken place, but part of our Lady is draining energy from the land and growing stronger, at time when she is in dire need of strength. I request your wisdom and assistance in properly understanding what taken place and how to use it to aid our Lady, as well as using your position to ensure no one destroys what could be a boon to our Church.

    Priestess Sarade Stamaraster

  • Admin [DM]

    So you're asking me to get involved in some small village hamlet that is currently being preyed on by Fae?

    What, precisely, does the church of Akadi offer Mystra in return for my aid?


  • Dear Brother

    I was thinking knowing part of our Ladies very essence was withing striking distence would be reason to action, but alas its to late to do anything, the Spark is gone now and far away.

    I've heard there others and will find them for our ladies sake, you know our lady who is currently strugling to keep alive, yet still maintains the Weave and grant us spells so we can get things done. I got something big planned, I'll let you find out as a outsider as its outside these four walls.

    Send Alexia my warm regards, I do enjoy her works.

    Priestess Sarade Stamaraster

  • Admin [DM]

    I'm busy enough with these morons inside the wall to deal with headaches outside of it. It's why there is more than one Priest of Mystra in the world, so we can handle more than one problem.

    I leave this in your assuredly capable hands.


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