Sad Letter to the Baroness

  • I woke this morning to sad and terrible news. The Glade of Freedom was attacked and almost destroyed when Elodie and Bahliir was taken there to witness the releasing of the fey in their prisons. Elodie felt a tree to find out if a soul truly was in it. She was attacked and the spark she holds was being sucked out of her. Bahliir saved her with a massive explosion. Now the Glade is tainted. The souls there tormented and fighting even me.

    I need to try and take the glade back to being good and pure again. I believe I may have a way to do such. On my wrist there is a root that grew onto me when I died during the creation of it. It brought me back to life and lives on me still. It has not felt the taint of the glade yet. I also had been spreading my own fey dust on the soil there everyday. So my magic is in the ground and plants there. This morning when I woke the root had bloomed into a cherry blossom. I am thinking it is telling me to do this.

    I am thinking before it gets to far gone. I can plant the cherry blossom root on my wrist there. Offer myself up there to bind the Glade and myself together to become one. Become something like a dryad to her tree. If the spark is there, I will release it back to Mystra so she might have a little bit more strength to fight the serpent biting her. If it is a taint of Mahlazar placed there. I will transfer it from the glade to the body where I can seek a cure for it where it is not inflicting the glade anymore.

    I wish to know will this be something that might work? And can I ask the suport of our kin to achieve this? The glade must be saved and protected to give the trapped fey hope to return home still.


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