Remove Bully Boots

  • They make zero sense, make it apparently impossible for someone to chase you(even if they themselves have bully boots), create no fun scenarios. They are just there to ensure whoever wants t3h win doesn't l00z before t3h win happens.

    If you want to give players teleport- then they have to earn it. And not buy it from a toy-shop for 800 bucks.

  • I believe these were already removed after the fin fiasco of the old town safehouse event. As DM Spiffy said he would remove them.

  • Nope. Some players still amass them apparently.

  • They're suppose to be a calculated risk, not a guaranteed fair escape. I will correct this.

  • @mr-moloch said in Remove Bully Boots:

    They're suppose to be a calculated risk, not a guaranteed fair escape. I will correct this.

    Yeah... they've always cause a lot of problems.

    I hate them personally, but I do see the idea behind them. Allow people to escape some possible PVP, at the cost of potentially ending up in a bit of a bad situation anyway.

    However, the only time I have seen them used, is to instantly escape DM event scenarios πŸ™‚

    Although, I have also seen them used to abuse other players OOC consideration during some heated confrontations I guess.

  • They're known for dumping you in potentially dangerous areas. However:
    (1) There's no penalty in this for stealthers who need to escape immediately. Once they transition, provided no monster is on top of them, they can stealth their way back to safety.
    (2) See above, but with invisibility potions/wands
    (3) Portal words
    (4) Flat DR gear as well as underwater breathing options and/or spells

    All of the above negate the risks of them being dumped in dangerous areas. Most geared PCs have at least 5/- fire and negative DR if you check their equipment! Or they have it as "to be used in this situation" gear.

    They're way too safe to use. At least chicken cloaks, you know where they're going! I suggest removing the bully boots script and redoing the script for the Party Teleport Discs that are rarely given out on DM events.

  • its nice having a way out.

    but i don't like having a -sure- way out.

  • My two cents on something like this - Whether it's dangerous to use or not, I don't really care, it's not enough of a negative for something that powerful. It should cost massive amounts of gold (to be a gold sync) - or, better yet, removed and keep teleportation to special reward DM loot.

    Because teleportation is cool and a great way to reward players. But it loses that if everyone can buy some crappy knock off.

  • I've only ever used Thayan Cloak and Bully boots to get back to Arabel faster after a quest (Ideally with dramatic and/or comedic roleplay preceding it), while flicking my nose at the plebeians in my party who have to walk back.

    I can see how the item could get misused but the feature is definitely a fun one when used responsibly.

  • Please just remove these, they are so powerful. I recall this ability being something my warlock had to expend massive amounts of supplies and potential permadeath risks to acquire a single use version of, these boots just cheapen that form of reward.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    These have been used multiple times in a very short time to β€œWin” and there is no counter for the other side. It almost cheapens RP encounters.

  • its important to remember that sometimes the collective force corners the opposition and that opposition has literally no means of escape. That is incredibly defeating to anyone trying to play an antagonist in our story. These items NEED to exist if you want to have the confrontation that isn't just drink a haste+invisibility then run away. That's just as boring.

    I understand that some times there is no means of escape and that's life, and we're accountable for our decisions and our characters are how they are. However, it's a balancing act. These items need to exist. These items should not cost 800 gold. I'd suggest adding some kind of possibility of death on landing, or failure to launch, or possibly an assortment of goods resembling this item that actually are not the item so when you use them nothing happens, however once in a blue as balls moon, it still does.

  • People want fair encounters. This is not part of fair at all.

    When an RW uses their cloak, you always know he is going to the embassy and thats where he will be. Same with a WW, who mind you has to earn their teleport through MONTHS of Stellar RP.

    If you use bully boots, they apparently have several places where they send you. There is no "chase scene" on the air. There is just a hopeless feeling that nothing can be done when you pursue them and end up in the factory where you realize they didnt even go to.

    This has been abused twice now by a player to escape with a MAJOR plot item. I personally have zero interest in pursuing them further because I know they have a bag full of these boots.

    Remove them, please.

  • Atleast haste+invis is something other players can pursue.

  • These items 'need to exist' - Yes, this is a true statement. These items DO NOT NEED TO EXIST OUT OF DM REWARD TO A PLAYER/GROUP WHO IS DOING THINGS TO PUSH PLOT/INTRIGUE.

    It's that simple. It's a brokenly powerful ability (even with risk of failure), that should NOT EXIST, outside of DM reward to players for doing things to EARN said reward.

    There is literally no case, out of any PC I have ever played, where any reward/PRC/Items, etc, would of been as valuable as the ability to teleport out of an 'oh shit' - even if teleporting put me into another 'oh shit'.

    Take this item out. Leave teleportation to DM rewards for exceptional story telling. Otherwise, not only does it cheapen anything the DM's reward (Literally, there is nothing as good as teleportation in CoA, it's literally a get out of jail free button in almost any scenario, because EVEN IF IT HAS A RISK AND YOU ARE USING IT IT's because ANY RISK that use of the item has is LESS THAN THE REASON YOU'RE USING IT TO BEGIN WITH)

  • Admin [DM]

    tbh I agree, bully boots just feel like a cheap ducking out item and has been used -many- times over the years as such

  • TLDR version - remove this shit outside of DM rewards to exceptional players it's broken no matter what 'downside' is put on them.

  • Well okay, lets keep in mind why these items exist. over the years we've lost a majority of our villains due to the collective good horde. It's a cool ending sometimes, but other times it's just sort of odd.

    These boots are a means of continuing a story. Taking them out is just killing a story early. I'm all for monitoring them better, or adding circumstances (overhead cover=failure/can only be used once/ require dm supervision/have a specified landing location broadcast-ed on liftoff, yadda yadda) I think the problem with this item is that it has no drawback currently.... and it costs 800 gold.

  • I've been on the side of losing villians to 'collective good' to the point where I've had app PC's ruined within six hours of creation. These boots would of done nothing outside of putting off the inevitable in those cases.

    But - let's say you have a villian who's making waves? Why not reward him with a real teleportation item so he can slip away and continue his story? That'd be a good way to support what they're doing. Don't give cheap knockoff access to everyone for no work.

  • I'm sorry, I feel very strongly about this - I mean this 100% when I say any PC i've ever played would of been broken with the ability to just teleport away from a bad situation.

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