Lord Bhaliir

  • Storyteller [DM]

    My Lord,

    Pending the approval of bottled fey to be planted in the Tilverwood, I have prepared a secret weapon which can be used to deal with your arch nemisis. It involves the “two thorns” touched on lightly at the council meeting. I already have preparations in the works so that as soon as the battlemage has a chance to vet my findings we can act. This would solve both Tilverton’s problems and yours in one swift strike. I would like to discuss this more with you in person.


  • Damion Latok,

    I left matters as these out of the public transcription for an obvious reason. I will not endanger the success of these missions by sharing all our plans with the enemy. There is never certainty that letters reach their destination untouched. We will move further correspondence regarding this matter to private quarters.

    I will receive you. Wait for my call.

    Lord Bhaliir

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