Letter to Battlemage Animus

  • @Mister-Moosh
    {this letter has several tear watermarks that caused the ink to bleed}

    Animus, I have received a reply from the fey in regards to the bottled fey that has been smashed if it did release their souls. The letter did not have good news. That means all of them. everyone she smashed. It is to hard to write. But they are all gone. Disappeared from existence. I can not give you a copy of the letter due to it being written on a flower petal, but here is what is said;

    Puffy DMs about 18 hours ago

    [A large pile of petals makes its way into Zuzana's bedroom, with one engraved with a curious message]

    No root has been renewed but those which were freed.
    No spirit unchained, but those reborn.
    No blossom has taken root, but those which has been planted.
    No freedom has been gained, but that which was planted.

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