Seeking priest/priestess of Chauntea

  • [Posters are placed on boards across Eveningstar, Arabel, Tilverton, Immersea, and other places.]

    I, Valeria Ashwood, formally am requesting the aid of a priestess or priest of the Grain Goddess, Chauntea. An apothecary is going to be built in Tilverton, and we are hoping to have a shrine to the great mother be placed in our greenhouse when it is built. The apothecary will grow herbs and plants that are needed for spices, medicinal use, and recreational use. We hope to work with a priest or priestess in order to bless the plants once they are put in, make sure the conditions for the herbs are correct, help overlook our irrigation, and bless an altar once it is built. Though we do have Druids and rangers in Tilverton to help with these things, our main concern is the altar.
    Please contact me by sending a letter to the Ornery Badger in Tilverton.

    Morninglord blessings,
    Valeria Ashwood
    Retainer of House Dauntinghorn.

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