• Posted in the Citadel, Downtown and Old Town alike!

    Decked out proud in purple,
    Amidst the golden sands,
    Taking fights to greater heights,
    On someone else's lands.

    Amidst the gold and grassless plains,
    We spot our dreaded foe,
    Our third-time over enemy,
    And we will lay them low.

    Marching ever forward,
    Our ranks stretch wide but few,
    Knights bolster our morale,
    With cheers of "run them through!"

    And so the march charged deadly,
    Talos in our feet,
    Tempus in our sword and shield,
    We'll split the chaff from wheat.

    Tyche hold my hand this day,
    Helm do keep me safe,
    As mages at their forefront cast,
    And start their deadly strafe,

    Blue bolts dart from fingertips,
    And strike my metal vest,
    Mystra's magic matching Gond,
    And tearing through my chest

    I didn't think it'd be this way,
    I'm bleeding bad, I'm sure,
    I can't take my chain-shirt off,
    Another dead to war.

    My voice begins to rattle,
    The end is drawing close,
    And as I think of home, of rain,
    Of all that I love most,

    I'm terrified, and angry,
    With others to defend,
    But proud of the way I made my choice,
    And proud of how it ends.

    ~Penny Dreadful
    Dedicated to all of the men and women in the King's Military.

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