Letter to Arael

  • My name is Zuzana. I wish to ask the fey of your fair city a very important question.

    I am doing investigations with a human named Animus about the bloodstones and the bottled fey. Sadly there are several stories. One being that they have been destroying the bottles freeing the souls of the fey. Now I know fey do not die when on this world but are sent back to the Feywilds.

    I am asking can this be confirmed? Have they been returning home before we made the Glade of Freedom? Or has the only one sent home was the few we released in the Glade?

    I can be reached at Tilverton. I hope to hear back from you

  • Admin [DM]

    [A large pile of petals makes its way into Zuzana's bedroom, with one engraved with a curious message]

    No root has been renewed but those which were freed.
    No spirit unchained, but those reborn.
    No blossom has taken root, but those which has been planted.
    No freedom has been gained, but that which was planted.

  • [Zuzana picked though every single petal looking for the message. She cheered when she found it. As she read it, she collapsed to her bed crying. She knew what that meant.]

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