[Mitchifer] [DM]

  • Greetings and all!

    I am Yurin, a dwarven warrior with no standing or renown whatsoever.

    Saw your notice, so I reply looking for a job.

    Let me know what you got in mind, good sir.

    Yurin Kegjaw

  • Esteemed Inkeeper Mitchifer,

    I’d like to on behalf of the Golden Guard offer our services as a mercenary company. Your request for those who get things done sounds right up our alley. Our current (and primary) contract is seeing to the safety of Tilverton. Any sort of contract we could hammer out to the benefit the budding village would be just grand.

    On a more personal matter, for offering the services of our extensive resources and potential, I’d like to add a sort of signing bonus onto the end of our eventual agreement to be collected at the conclusion of our accord. That being the location of a certain artifact, or possible assistance in seeking it out.

    -F. Esolen, Co-Founder of the Golden Guard mercenary company

  • //either of you can catch me in game or Discord, we can try to set up a time to run somethings

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