Sealed Letter: Red Wizards of the Thayan Embassy

  • A purple wax sealed letter is delivered to the Thayan Embassy.

    Red Wizards of the Thayan Embassy,

    Allow me to introduce myself, I am Animus Heterodyne, Battlemage of the College of War Wizards and currently Acting Minister of Magic within the fair city of Arabel. I write to you today with regard to Bloodstones. They seem to be a hot topic as of late and I seek to better understand these stones.

    The former Chancellor seemed to indicate that you knew of a way to remove the souls from the Bloodstones. I seek to know if this was true and if so, are you willing to share your information? I would be willing to meet on your sovereign Thayan soil to discuss more, if that is an option.

    Thank you,

    -Animus Heterodyne
    Battlemage, College of War Wizards
    Acting Minister of Magic, Arabel
    alt text

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