Sealed Letter: Vanos of Maleen's Spire

  • A purple wax sealed letter is delivered to Vanos at the Spire of Maleen.


    Salutations and well met!

    Allow me to introduce myself, I am Animus Heterodyne, Battlemage of the College of War Wizards and currently Acting Minister of Magic within the fair city of Arabel. I write to you today with regard to Bloodstones. They seem to be a hot topic as of late and I seek to better understand these stones.

    Please let me know a time when we may meet to sit down and go over a few questions I have prepared. My purpose is to ensure the vile bloodstones are destroyed but that the trapped souls are, in fact, freed. Your handling of the bloodstones on behalf of Arabel thus far and thus your knowledge of them will go a long way in seeing this purpose met.

    Thank you and I look forward to meeting.

    -Animus Heterodyne
    Battlemage, College of War Wizards
    Acting Minister of Magic, Arabel
    alt text

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