Letter:Battlemage Animus

  • Battlemage

    I believe we should meet and discuss how we can further Gonds cause and influence in the region.

    I had a few ideas on how to cure or control Lycanthropy, One of which has been proven, Though all the afflicted I know of are relucatant to test the second method I believe it would prove most effective.

    I'd also invite you to join the Guild of Mechanists, A group I formed to conduct research and further knowledge and understanding

    Seeker Ampharen


  • Seeker Ampharen, @verk

    I thank you for your letter, as I am of the same mind set and was going to write you to discuss this exact goal.

    With the recent ritual, I must admit that you have peaked my interest in how you have deduced a way to control, if not cure, Lycanthropy.

    I humbly accept your invitation to join your Guild of Mechanists. I look forward to adding my own contributions, as is the way of our faith.

    Additionally, I would inquire if you have any additional insight into this Bloodstone situation. Like you I am weary of letting an unproven hypothesis run free without a least a written symposium on the process. Has the Church had any luck with Bloodstones or has it primarily been left to the Mystran and Talosan faiths within the Spire?

    -Animus Heterodyne
    Battlemage, College of War Wizards
    Acting Minister of Magic, Arabel

  • Battlemage

    Previously it has been left to the mages of Maleens Spire,

    I have suggested to the mages of Tilverton that a divination be performed to learn more of the creation process of bloodstones so such can be undone, But they seem to think some fey magic can release the souls rather than conduct proper research.

    Perhaps you can perform this divination and learn what you can,

    I expect the College of War Wizards may look favourably on such

    Seeker Ampharen

  • Seeker Ampharen,

    It is always refreshing to find an individual of like-mindedness; I have already prepared to go and personally question those that have currently handled the Bloodstones. Additionally I was going to perform a simple Divination ritual myself in order to discern more information. Perhaps between the inventions of Gond and the knowledge of Oghma, one will be able to discern what others have missed.

    Would you be willing to assist me in such a ritual?

    -Battlemage Heterodyne

  • Battlemage.

    I can assist.

    What did you have in mind.

    Seeker Ampharen

  • Battlemage.

    I have read what you have learned on bloodstones.

    We should meet and discuss steps to safely release the souls, I have a few ideas.

    Seeker Ampharen

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