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  • Admin [DM]

    [A delivery boy leaves a scrap note at the Militia Tower]

    The dead are walking among us, my children afraid and wary. For we can no longer walk freely.
    For the sake of my children, I reach to you and ask for aid. I cannot bare the thought of my children becoming undead.


  • It pains me that the Orphanage is suffering cause of Manzahar. His undead have apparently moved in while I've been forced away from Old Town to deal with the reformation of Arabel's Council.

    I have no doubt this is connected to his lust to be rejoined with the Aegis Of Necromancy. He has learned the staff that ensured his survival and existence in death exists- and remains in my possession. I know- that should he ever regain the possession of this staff- that his powers would immensely increase, even so far as to become a lich.

    I have called forth a Court in my home, where this matter will be discussed tonight- and hopefully a solution is found. I invite one from the militia, who can act as your voice in this matter. I will offer you my protection during this visit.

    If you have a solution to this dire issue- then voice it, for action will be taken soon. For the sake of my people.

    Humanity will prosper

    Lord Bhaliir

  • I will attend the Court if I am able and the Warden does not oppose. Please advise me of the time.

    -- Sgt. Ysolt Argenta

  • I understand the meeting is concluded. I am sorry that I was not available in time. Please let me know how the Militia may assist in the chosen course of action.

    -- Sgt. Ysolt Argenta

  • Admin [DM]

    Why is there no bounty on his head?


  • I've personally issued a bounty of 20,000 for his capture. I will see that the Militia will Inform the populace. If you have anything to add as treasure to any man or woman who brings this fiend to justice, do so.

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