Letter: Robin

  • @Sophia-Romanziere

    [This letter is left with Shani at the Grinning Goat with instructions to deliver to Robin if she sees her.]


    It's been a while since we've seen each other. Just wondering if you're still around or if you went back home or something.

    My head's been in a weird place. I doubt I'm going to stick around much longer. Been feeling the need to get back on the road. Maybe head to Marsember and see some old friends, reignite some old flames. But I was hoping to see you again before I go. If that doesn't end up happening, I'll leave another letter to let you know how to contact me. I might come back one of these days.

    I'm not going anywhere yet. But soon, probably. So...just wanted to let you know.


  • [Another letter is left.]


    I'm heading back to Marsember. I'm sorry I couldn't tell you in person. Send me a letter sometime. I can be reached at [the name of an inn in Marsember is given].

    See you later. Be well.


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