Gazettes of the Arabel Chancellery

  • From the Office of the Arabel Chancellery

    Be it known to All and Sundry these presents:

    Chancellor of Arabel:

    His Excellency Foril Theodore Silbrinel Bhaliir,

    Lord Paramount of the House of Bhaliir, Lord Commander of the Stormkeep, Protectorate of Arabel,
    And Oversword of the Northern Marches

    Hereby assumes the Rights and Responsibilities of the Chancellor of Arabel

    Warden of the Arabel City Militia:

    The Right Honorable Evander Dauntinghorn,

    Noble Scion and Heir Apparent of the House of Dauntinghorn, Inquisitor of the Crown against Elodie Ledoux

    Hereby assumes the Rights and Responsibilities of the Warden of the Arabel City Militia

    Maybe the Gods bless His Highness Azoun Rhigaerd Palaghard Duar Obarskyr V,

    Dragon Prince of Cormyr, Right Royal Duke of Suzail, King Ascendant of the Dragon Throne,
    Stagmaster of the Realm, Lord Admiral of the Western Fallen Star

  • From the Office of the Arabel Chancellery

    Be it known to All and Sundry these presents:

    Adventurer's Tax:

    His Excellency the Lord Bhaliir, as his first act in office, has ordered the abolishment the Adventurer's Tax, and grants an Immediate Amnesty to any and all who have defaulted on any such payment.

    The Adventurer's Tax is hereby Annulled and Declared Void.
    • No further payments for the Adventurer's Tax shall be collected.
    • No further action shall be taken against those who defaulted on payments.

    By Order of the Chancellor of Arabel


    The Crown of Cormyr invites an ambassador from The kingdom of Thunderholme, representatives of Myth Drannor and a diplomat from the court of Arael, to discuss seat and station in the Council of Arabel, where all major decision of the Northern Marches are hereby made.



    The Issue of Tilverton and its Feyfolk is brought to the attention of Arabels Council, and assurance is given that the main roads remain unaffected by this apparent occupation. The state of Tilverwoods remains, and the source of this flood of pixies remains unconfirmed- thus no conclusion is reached.
    Result: Tilverton is granted another week to handle this matter on their own, with Crown agents aiding where they can. Furthermore, the named fey-friends "Bella" and "Zuzana" are both instructed to present themselves before the council of Arabel as possible ambassadors between the Northern Marches- and the hidden hamlet of Arael.


    Miss Valeria Ashwood opens a discussion on the various undead raids that have recently occured in old town- and the outskirts of the city. Her concern for the well-fare of the downtrodden is duly noted. Lord Bhaliir mentions that the "Guardian of Old Town" has sworn to keep the undead from entering the slums after these recent assaults. Only time will tell.
    Result: During this discussion, it is confirmed there have not been further assaults against the people of Old Town after the proclamation of The "Guardian of Old Town". To safeguard the future of old town, the Council has decided that the ruined wall of the northern gate is to be rebuild, using the discretionary fund to finance its reconstruction.


    Lord Bhaliir explained the events of the night- when the treason of Elodie Ledoux occurred and the Spark of Divinity was stolen from the hands of Crown officials. Before the mission, it was clearly stated only Crown Officials would be allowed to retrieve the Spark. Yet in the midst of the Chaos that came in the tomb of the lich, instead of Recognized officers of the Crown- the Spark came to the possession of Elodie Ledoux (who, by definition at the time, was an agent of the Crown). Past aggression and unsolved suspicion against the former chancellor quickly lead to violence, to which Ledoux responded by fleeing the scene- and refused to give up the Spark to the War wizards, thus branding her traitor.


    The Leader of the Golden Guard addresses the council and requests funding for his campaign against the Pirates of Wyvernwater.
    Result: Both House Dauntinghorn and House Bhaliir pledge to fund a mission against the River Saints, after a reasonable sum is agreed upon. The Golden Guard will handle the drafting of this contract. The Oversword of the Northern Marches further pledged the aid of his agents available at the time. Advice to contact other noble households is offered.

  • Renaming the Warden- to Captain of the Guard

    In the past, the citizen have been confused by the title used by the leader of the City Militia before. The title "warden" has often been associated with the title of Warden in the Northern Marches- when infact these are two separate titles. Current "Warden" of the City Militia is Evander Dauntinghorn- while Lord Hawklin carries the title Warden of the Northern marches- and he also happens to be the Lord High Marshall of Cormyr.

    Result: As such, from here on- to remove this confusing title- the leader of the city Militia will carry the title of captain of the guard. As such, the current head of the Arabels finest- is Captain Evander Dauntinghorn.


    The Lord of Arabel already has a barrel of fat as his Herald. And now he needs a secretary. Payment negotiable. Inquire in the Palace of Arabel, the Blue Dragon Outpost, Eveningstar Castle, Stormkeep- or Bhaliir Estate in Old Town.



    The Council of Arabel has been assigned by the Council Royal of Suzail to address the departure of Mistral Ophirae Mavrye, and the empty seat left behind in the rulership of the bishopric chartered by his Majesty King Azoun the Fifth. It is left to the Council of Arabel, to see a fitting solution found to replace the void left behind by the high priestess.

    Proposed solutions:

    Elected Mayor: The Council would propose that- Much like with case of the Chancellor of Arabel, the residents of Tilverton Village would vote for their leader, be they high- or low-born. The Current Charter of Bishopric would be hereby removed. Proposed by Damion Latok of Tilverton.
    Baron Of Tilverton: The King may name high-born or low-born as the Baron of Tilverton, granting lordship over the lands for his family and all the noble rights that come with it. Thus the Charter would be removed.
    Bishopric of Gond: The Council proposes that the rights of the charter are hereby transferred to the Church of Gond, with High Priest Artificer Christoph Ampharen taking the mantle of ruler of the aforementioned territory. Proposed by Christoph Ampharen of Gond.

    During the next Court Hearing, the vote for the future of Tilverton will be cast.

    Independent solutions:

    Holy March Of Gond: The Church of Gond may choose at this time to declare a Holy March to claim the Bishopric by force from the Church Of Akadi.


    Asks for a permission to wipe the remains of their church from the face of Arabel. Every shrine pounded to dust, all their holy places of worship annihilated, their priests exiled or put under the axe if they refuse.

    The Councils Response:

    The Council of the Oversword encourages the Church of Tempus to hunt down the remaining members of Manzahars house- and to bring these criminals to justice. A list of known members that remain fugitives will be provided by the Lord Captain of the City Guard by the end of the week. Warrants are placed for their arrest, if they fail to show up to their hearings when called to do so.
    However, the Council reminds the Arabellian not to take the sins of one man, as sins of another outright. The Goddess Clar Banda still has a devoted following of thousands in Cormyr alone, as she is the goddess of lost love and faded beauty. Cormyr is a Kingdom, where persecution based on faith will not be tolerated.


    Sarade Sammaster: claims at the Church of Mystra believes their goddess- is slowly but surely dying, and that unless we secure spiritual essence of near divine quality and ask Lord Azuth for assistance in creating a demigod to re-balance the scales- that It's only a matter of time before this starts to have increasing extreme damage to magic on the material plane.
    Bryndis Thorsdottir: The Dogs of war, is believed by the Tempan church to be a divine spark of Garagos, yet remaining. It has manifested itself in creatures already, such as the wolf attack on Eveningstar and the goblins in east way. It will continue to dominate a stronger species each time.


    Church of Tempus and Mystra are working on how to stop the dogs of war and to cure Mystra. They have requested the aid of Bannerman Mard of House Bhaliir. This, is granted by Lord Bhaliir. It is believed that the spirit may be lured to a great site of conflict or bloodshed, where the essence can be captured and used by the Church of Mystra to aid the condition of the Goddess of Magic. Further study shall be conducted. The Council of Arabel provides what aid is required.



    The Council of Arabel sought clarification from Ibrahim of the Golden Guard pertaining to the events where a Captain of their mercenary company took Lord Winter hostage, murdering two Purple Dragon Blades charged with protecting her in the process.


    Any charges against the Golden Guard were withdrawn, as it appears the good name of their company was simply used as a ruse alone. Even so, the Charter of the mercenary force was not restored, as Ibrahim sees no purpose left with most of his men scattered or dead. The Council of Arabel offers its gratitude and commends Ibrahim and his company for their many months of service under the Dragon banner of Cormyr.


    The Oathtaker Creach was summoned to the Court today regarding the events of the Kings Swamp, where a massacre of lizardfolk occurred yesterday at the hands of his company. Nothing conclusive was discovered during this. The Council Of Arabel have received reports of shadovar activity connected to the sudden up-rise of the scaled kind against the Forest Kingdom.


    The Council of Arabel requests that the good folk of Arabel stay out of the Kings Swamp at current time, as the many tribes appear to be on a warpath. The finest resource of the Northern realm- the adventurers of Arabel- are called upon to investigate and report to the Crown of Cormyr for lucrative rewards. A gracious pay is promised to a man or woman capable of understanding draconic language.


    The Council of Arabel gathered for a second time to discuss the case of Tilverton after the departure of Mistral Ophirae Miavrye, this time with a solution in mind.

    Approved solution:

    The Council of Arabel will hereby present to the Dragon Throne- that the Bishopric of Akadi is to be dismantled, its land returned to the Crown, and in its stead a Council should rise to take the place of honored Mistral Miavrye- where the largest faith, the Crown of Cormyr and the People of Tilverton will each have a voice and a seat of their own.


    Member to the Church of Clar Banda, and a former associate to the late criminal Manzahar the Mad, Marie-Rose Renarde sought amnesty for her part during the reign of the necromancer, after the fall of her cult, and the sinking of the undead isle.


    For aiding and abetting the enemy of Cormyr- Manzahar and his court and for her ignorance that resulted to defiling the dead on multiple accounts, Marie-Rose Renarde is hereby sentenced to 1-2 weeks in the Penal Legion. Her behavior and deeds during this period of time, will affect the length of this penance.


    The Opening Speech from the Lord of Arabel:

    The Age of Man - The Time of Free Folk

    Brothers and sisters,

    Yesterday gave us the end of Manzahar and his horde- as the best of humanity stood triumphant against the overwhelming power of Vorenthia- and won. With wits that saw the demise of Tilverton prevented, and with bravery that challenged the un-beaten undead isle- all stars aligned for our crushing blow. Hearts are left to mourn the loss of our Purple brethren- as great minds celebrate the sacrifices that paved way for the peace of our time. Men bled blue and overcame all odds- together as proud sons and daughters of the supreme race.
    This was not the first victory of mankind against its enemy. Time and time again the age of man has been threatened and challenged by monsters in the dark. And against all odds- each foe we outsmarted. The Beholder Hive, The Worm Cult, the Chosen Beasts, the Chaos Brigade. Against them we may have lost some battles as in most wars- yet in the end we alone stood in triumph. Our defeated and disgraced ancestors avenged. Under one voice, united- we are invincible.
    To celebrate and commemorate this prosperous era, where northern glory and unity through the will of man has beaten both shadow and monster, the Bhaliir toasts the supreme race. In Old Town, the brave heroes of humanity are all welcomed by a generous hand. The Free folk of Elves, dwarves, gnomes and all allies of humanity are embraced by man and welcomed to carry on their trade and lives in Old Town- where free food, free drinks, and blue blood will safeguard this peaceful time.
    Old Town is safe haven to all. Outlaws are granted new purpose, despised races are granted a second chance. In The Silent Court your desires are heard and shared by the likeminded folk who once were outcasts like you. United, Old Town will never be oppressed again. Strength comes through numbers. And numbers flock through strong leadership. With Bhaliir, the folk of Old Town are free. With Bhaliir- the Age of Man prospers. Alongside eachother, we stand united, and strong.

    The Ministry of Magic: The Secrets of Bloodstones, the Beholder of the Zhentil and the search for the Champion of Arabel


    The Ministry investigates the source of the Blood- and Bleakstones. Alongside the Artificer we have learned that there is a book detailing the creation process. This manifesto is said to be held- by a beholder residing in the Zhentil Keep.

    Follow up

    After consulting with the Archmage of Arabel, the Council firmly believes that the demise of Zhentil Keep is indeed nigh. With time running out, the Crown forces must move quickly before all is lost- to seize the location of this pet beholder and its treasure. A most alluring proposal is made, of a challenger from Arabel facing the chosen champion of Bane- for the secrets of this book- or its precise location.


    Retainer Valeria Ashwood of house Dauntinghorn has voiced her desire for the mantle of challenger, and so she is recognized as a candidate to become the champion of Arabel. The Council invites the faiths of Tyche, Tempus and Lathander to discuss proper procedure to test her mettle through series of challenges, so that it is ensured she is the champion we need- and deserve.

    Meanwhile, the Council will discuss alluring terms to bring the Zhentarim to the table of negotiations.

    The Ministry of Culture: The Future of Trade Fairs and Commerce in Arabel


    The City hosted its first Trade fair in the Kings Theater. The Flow of goods appeared constant- and estimate places the revenue of one noble family at 8,000 alone, and they were one among many. Expendable goods such as potions and wands earned the largest profits.

    Follow up

    The Warforged "Three" has expressed his concern. Master Craftsmen are unable to ply their trade due to an established market flooded with affordable, or comparably priced, goods and wares. The growth of Local industry will be supported by regulations to imported goods.
    Dorian Blackforge, another warforged, disagreed in turn: Trade should remain as free and unregulated as possible. For the profit of the city. Past history proves the value of that kind of administration under the Lord Hardcastle. Arabel is one of the few cities that has dwarven metalwork, gnomish ingenuity, elven arcanists, and foreign human embassies all in the same place. It should remain as it is.


    There is enough promise based on demand to hold monthly- even weekly trade fairs. However, current supply is not high with few master craftsmen present. House Bhaliir will offer its aid to ensure the craftsmen of Arabel shall be supplied to ply their trade freely.

    As for regulation to foreign trade to benefit the local craftsmen- the Council remains unconvinced of the benefits and due to uncertain viability. The Warforged Three is nonetheless encouraged to forward a more precise draft of his plans to the council of Arabel, where it shall be addressed again if needed.



    The Dwarven Warforged, Dorian Blackforge, expressed concern to the council regarding legal matters. He offers an example regarding prospection in the Forest Kingdom, where a retinue of prospectors is threatned with force and attacked by a third party of individuals- consisting of private citizen- prevent their acquisition of said resources.

    To this in return, Damion Latok, the lone ranger of Tilverwood, made his own remark: As the Hullack and its entirety belongs to the King, would it not fall under the ownership of the crown? That being said, would not stripping the Hullack of its natural resources without permission from the crown be theft? So those who stood up against the unlawful stripping of resources would be... loyal crown citizens doing the kings work then?


    All the land belongs to his Majesty King Azoun Obarskyr the Fifth. The Council of Arabel deems such an hypothetical assault a crime as any other committed in Cormyr. A private citizen is not excused by vigilantism to attack would-be prospectors, and as such would be held accountable.

    The Council does however recognize the issue that is raised. The Forest Kingdom and its assets remain protected and preserved by the Purple Dragon. Excessive exploitation of our natural resources is construed as theft by the Council of Arabel at this time. Private citizen are encouraged to report their findings to the Storm Dragon Battalion post haste to see would be thieves caught and punished.

    Further regulations can, and will be considered- through permits and adjustments to the law of the land- if later deemed a necessity.



    After a week of falsehoods where Damion Latok, the so called "free bird", made his ignorant claims calling the Penal legion "Slavery", he addressed the matter before the Court of Arabel.


    Some criminals are simply deemed unfinable, be it due to attitude where no remorse is shown- or the appalling nature of crimes committed. In such cases, imprisonment will always be offered as an option from now on, alongside other means to serve their sentence such as- but not limited to- the Penal Legion. Damion Latok is hereby ordered by the Council of Arabel to cease all future remarks where he refers to the Legion as "slavery". He is instead instructed to use the term "employed prisoners", if this issue must be addressed again- for there are no slaves in the Kingdom of Cormyr, as blessed we are by his Royal Highness King Azoun Rhigaerd Palaghard Duar Obarskyr V.

  • 6th Hearing - Held on the 10th day of the Melting



    With the sinking of the Greatish isle- the undead threat of the North was vanquished and the first taste for peace was given to the folk of the Forest Kingdom. This short time of peace was broken last week, when a group of zealots desecrated the shrine of Clar Banda as an act of Vengeance for the Crimes of Manzahar- violating the Birthplace of the Dread Queen- the Eastern Graveyard.

    The following battle resulted with the Hierophant of Clar Banda defiling the dead of the graveyard as an act of "self-defense". Neither party came unscratched from the skirmish that followed. Both parties sought justice from the council of Arabel- and thus a hearing was held.


    • Beilla of the Feyfolk was held accountable for abetting criminal acts, for she admits she encouraged this unlawful act. The charge is minor. She was to pay 15% of her current coin + 350 gold, or serve in the penal legion for 2 days.
    • Battlelord Bryndis Thorsdottir was held accountable for sacrilege. The Charge was serious, She was to pay 25% of your current gold on top of 1000 gold- Or serve time in the penal legion for 2 weeks.
    • Azaela of the Angel Cult was held accountable for sacrilege. The Charge was serious. She was to pay 25% of your current gold on top of 1000 gold- or serve her time in the penal legion for 2 weeks.
    • Yurin the mercenary: held accountable for aiding criminal acts. The Charge is minor. He was to pay 15% of his current gold on top of 350 gold, or serve in the penal legion for 2 days.

    The Council of Arabel finds the Hierophant of Clar Banda, guilty of multiple accounts of defiling the dead this day. This Hierophant, whoever he truly is, is summoned before the Court of Cormyr- to answer for his crimes- in Arabel.


    Cormyr is an exemplar among nations for the governing race of man that has prevailed numerous times against overwhelming odds. Calamities have struck us, our forces have grown thin, and days like these have ever seemed dark to us. Yet even at darkest of hours have we managed to cast bigotry aside and sought the path of tolerate for the sake of unity. At times, we have bled alongside Banites, offered orc-bloods a place to call home, and forgiven the guilty for their crimes when the hour calls for it. You can be at ease, knowing that the Crown forces will stand in defense of your shrines and homes, as long as you swear your allegiance to his Majesty the King, and follow his nations laws.

    Thus, let this be the last time that a great Faith in Arabel uses the pretense of "self-defense" as an excuse to commit such ghastly crimes in our ancestral home. Holding the livelihood of the Northern Marches as hostage will cease. If a faith such as the Church of Clar Banda desires to find a lasting place as part of our society, I am willing to bargain the care of our graveyards for the flock of the Dread Queen as official gravekeepers, as long as they ensure the dead remain at peace, under the watchful eye of the War Wizards.

    Should the faithful of Clar Banda ignore my generous offer and instead return on their reckless habits that have ever caused trouble in our great nation through men like Pyatt Pree and Thraesus Manzahar- then they cannot find lasting place with the supreme race of man- for our tolerance ends where your myopia begins. Know, while we are forgiving- we are not forgetful.

    Humanity will prosper.
    ~Lord Foril Bhaliir~

  • 7th Hearing - Held on the 27th day of the Melting

    The Kings Swamp: Aggressive Antics of Fanatics

    The Paladins of the Angel Cult continued their crazed methods. What followed the sacrilege of Clar Banda, was an unauthorized attempt to destabilize the fragile balance of power that exists in the deep core of the Kings Swamp. As the Representatives of the Crown of Cormyr have found common ground with the self-proclaimed leader and Prince of the Lizardfolk, this reckless assault that was disguised as peaceful negotiations severely undermined the intentions of the Crown.


    The Court of the Storm Dragon understands that the bloodthirsty mindset and blatant ignorance of the Crowns Agenda, may simply be a result of cultural indifference, and lack of understanding. As such, the Court had deemed it best to relocate the Paladins of the Angel Cult for rehabilitation. If necessary, more drastic measures will follow.

    The Future Elections

    As promised, Lord Bhaliir addressed Arabel and her people. His speech concerned the future of Elections, its current flaws, and the issues that had come with it. He reminded the audience of his former protege Elodie Ledoux and her rise to power through bribery and deceit, and how she then abused this seat for her own selfish needs. And while her actions bordered those of a tyrant- the heroes of Arabel simply turned a blind eye and stood their ground- to wait out this storm, and let the damage be done.

    The Storm Dragon does not wait for these storm to cease. If the Ruler of Arabel acts against the best interests of its people, then let they be opposed and removed- by force if necessary. The Storm Dragon rises to its esteemed honor to defend the people of Arabel until the bitter end. The Storm Dragon does not cover or flee at the face of atrocity, but welcomes it with a smile. And neither will the people of Arabel simply endure, for it is at the eye of storm where we prosper. That is the hour where we fight fiercest, and bravest. Until our last man.


    • The Seat of Arabels ruler is hereby stripped of time constraints. The Ruler of Arabel remains in power until death, resignation or removal by the King of Cormyr.
    • The Ruler of Arabel, just as the Lord Paramounts of Cormyrs Nobility have been- are hereby stripped of the right to be raised from the dead, to ensure the irrefutable continuum of the electoral regime.
    • The People of Arabel are hereby commanded to fight ever alongside the Storm Dragon against the false and corrupt, for in the end this direst of responsibility remains on you..

  • 8th Hearing - Held on the 12th day of Eleasis (Highsun)

    Issue #1: Presentation of a painting of Bhaliir, found in the hoard of minotaurs in the haunted halls, by Raryldur.

    Status: Accepted. Invited to a private chat after the court.

    Issue #2: Private Thar's confrontation of Raryldur regarding a mask.

    Status: Mask identified as being held by drow, and possibly Netherese in origin. Mask was not presented at the time, as it is hidden underground by an unnamed mage. Raryldur has four days to bring the mask to the law keepers of the city.

    Issue #3: Surface drow.

    Status: Awaiting further reports.

    Issue #4: Business proposition - Adventurer's Kits - by Angus Alebeard

    Status: 10,000 gold loan approved for 30 days, with 50% of net profits going to Lord Bhaliir in exchange for his aid in securing contacts and advice. Invited for a further discussion post-court in private.

    Issue #5: Namik's self-nomination as Councillor of Magic of Arabel.

    Status: Dismissed temporarily, awaiting status of the War Wizards

    An attempt on the Lords life.

    The Court hearing was suddenly interrupted by an explosion of an unknown origin. The magnitude of this blast caused the backdoor of the Throneroom to evaporate. None were harmed, but the Storm Dragon of Arabel is most displeased by this cowardly act. He summons the finest soldiers of fortune forth to investigate- and apprehend those responsible. A bounty of 10,000 is issued.

  • Magus Namik is hereby removed from the Lord's Council.

    With no accomplishments to his name, this diplomat from Thay has failed to impress the Lord of Arabel in his granted role as an assistant minister of commerce. The Lord nevertheless acknowledges the few contributions of this man in counting coins of the city, and wishes him the very best in future days to come.

    The Lord's council is to be reformed.

    The Finest Soldiers of Fortune and Heroes of Arabel shall be selected from the populace to assist and discuss the daily matters of the Northern Realm. Whether you are a man or a woman in search of heroic deeds for the good of the realm, or perhaps an eager politician willing to do what is necessary for a better future- or a curious researcher in search for the lore of ancient times- you may have a purpose and place in the Council of Arabel.

  • Lord Bhaliir's letter of resignation

    My beloved brothers and sisters- let it be known that with the return of the Warden of the North, I will relinquish my mantle and responsibilities as lord of Arabel to Lord Cuthbert Hawklin- its rightful possessor as appointed by the King of Cormyr.

    However, as your protectorate, my time is not finished. The Storm Dragons do not rest until all of our enemies are trampled to dust, and until none stand to oppose the prosperity of our future. Thus, I will be there to protect you, prospects of man- for humanity.

    Lord Foril Bhaliir