Mestils Acid SHeathe

  • Savnsauce said this should be reported!

    Apparently, if a scroll of Mestils Acid Sheathe is used, the max damage taken by the opponent is atleast 33, not 24? That's all I have to say about this >_>

  • Scrolls of Acid Sheath have CL of 9, which means maximun damage if person attacking does not have vulnarability is 18+d6, so 24. If the scrolls are doing more damage, then there is a bug or oversight somewhere.

  • The scrolls would be subject to the metamagic bug. Did the person who used it have Empower Spell?

  • If it was cast from a scroll, this is an obvious side effect of the metamagic bug. Exploit of the shittiest degree if done on purpose, a massive oversight if done on accident.

  • Sounds like that might have been what happened since empowered it'd do 36 damage.

    That being said, Acid sheath is not an empowerable spell normally... so that'd make this a next level exploit if it did.

    Thankfully NwN: EE fixed this bug.

  • I got the same damage out of the scrolls, and out of the snakeskin cowl that gives castings of it at the same CL. And I am pretty sure this was before my character at the time took empower.

    I think it's just bugged when cast from an item.

  • I think I found this finally. Moloch 4068 thanks to Strife for pointing out the obvious I missed

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