Diary of a fey. (Zuzana Gullveig)

  • (This diary is small made of leather binding and has flowers pressed in the pages as well.)

    Hello, I am Zuzana Gullveig. I am a relatively normal Rashemen girl who grew up to train to be a hathran, a leader of the sisterhood to strive to be Wychlaran. Those are the sisters who speak with the many spirits of our lands. Hathran are those healers and spellcasters who’s words are law. I am currently an Ethran and initiate.
    I say normal, but I am not. I am a quarter blooded Sylph. An air elemental fey. My granddad was a guard to the Summer Court in the Feywilds. One day my grandmother stumbled into a portal to there. They instantly hit it off and had my mother. Mother had the wings, the beauty, the wisdom all could hope for. I so miss her beautiful garden she made when she had her fey friends come over. My Father was an herbalist and fell in love with my mother. The two had me in secret. Though the Hathrans eventually discovered me. My Mom called me Little Fay.
    When the Hathran discovered me at nine, they wanted me to train. To become a Wychlaran one day since I was a cousin to the fey. My mother agreed to let them take me. It was an honor. Soon after my mother was slain by a red wizard from Thay. That is when I met her, Joan. She came running ahead of the invasion to warn us. Though it was to late for my mother, she tried to stop them at the head.
    Joan and I trained together. Hers was of the earth. Mine was of the fey. We always snuck out together to train separately from the rest of the five-child class. We grew close as friends and rivals. Came to learn Joan was in fact Jon. Once we found out he ran. Ran from our home. I was confused, I was angry.
    I was about to be accepted into adulthood, training was close to finish. I asked for a dajemma. Something boys must do and not the girls. But I asked for one. Jon never came back leaving so many questions. I wanted to go on my self-discovery in hopes of finding answers. Maybe even find Jon. They allowed me and Jon and my friend Jandor asked to be my guard. He wanted to come with me, mostly to punch Jon should our paths ever met.
    We got passage onto a ship headed to Harrowdale, a small town in The DaleLands. Upon the sea voyage a Thayian ship came upon us. Red wizards were upon us. Jandor pushed my off the ship when it was boarded. When I managed to get my head above the waves. I could see the ship being attacked and burned. The red wizards took another one from me.
    When I managed to drift ashore, I found my way onto a caravan. I was lost, and afraid. Caravan to caravan, my last stop had me inside of Arabel.
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  • The people here in Arabel all seem nice to me so far. Some seems a bit hesitant to trust one of the fey blood. I can understand. But also they over judge my fey cousins. I have been spending time with this Lord fellow. He seems to make rules. Hopefully I can show him that there are fey out there that are good and helpful. I hope he will see fey in a new light and help me to get laws past to protect them. Maybe even give them a small garden in the city where the fey can live. The city defiantly needs a lively garden after all.

    I did find Jon here. A druid of the Hullack. He seemed surprised at first I came here too. Seems a bit kept to himself. I need to see if I can find a way to get him to open up some. Have good times like we did before.

    Met a ranger Damion, he is cute enough I guess. Love the air and flight, might be my kind of guy? He had pulled me aside for several requests. First to speak with my fey-kin to behave. Mostly quit taking all the women to make kids. Two to help tend the gardens and soil to make them richer and able to grow all kinds of plants. So far I am having problems with Blue Whinnis caps, Juniper trees and yew trees. I have this Ice DIamond currently. Thinking I might be able to transport soil form the mountains and plant the ice in the ground to provide the growing conditions for the Juniper and Yew trees to grow on. Will have to research this. The last thing, was to help free the souls from the bloodstones and bottled fey. Who would do such evil acts? Though we seem to have found a way. A glade. We made the Glade of Freedom. Damion, Baila, and myself created this. The souls did seem to grow into trees. Though the magic grew problematic weeds. I was strangled to death. However, a flowering root brought me back to life. It is now on my wrist and I can't get it off. Dose this mean I am tied to the garden? Like a dryad to her tree? Is it keeping me alive? Is it a parasite feeding on my fey blood? I do not know. Need to ask Jon about it. I think it might be the Glade and I are one now. I will keep the Glade tended, Spread my own fairy-dust on the soil to improve it, also plant flowers all around.

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  • Things are moving to fast around here. First the glade exploding, then this new recent development with Arael being simply a tree controlling the fey. Now even Wyrmlocke has turned his attention to Tilverton. How many freaking enemies can one city possibly have? Also why dose it seem every time we turn around that thing possessing Wyrmlocke has his hand into things?

    So the tree of Arael is now gone. But the root on my wrist is still alive and beautifully in bloom. The Mystrian is now thinking it might be a seed of that corrupted tree and Damion is agreeing. This thing is not of that corruption, it is a chance to actually revive the Glade of Freedom and give bottled fey hope. Despite the tree eating them, the souls were indeed set free. Only to be taken again, but was set free. We still need that glade.

    I asked Damion to marry me and he said yes. Though others believe we are rushing things. I just wish we can live together in peace for some time. But now we have a count down till the Undead come to Tilverton. Seems no one can rest with Wyrmlocke around.

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  • Wow. Been awhile since I wrote in here. With the attack from Manzahar, I had not the time nor the inclination to even open this up. He is gone now, we defeated him. All the friends came together to end him. My Glade was untouched. More fey can now be Freed. Oh right. Since my last entry. I revived the glade. A lot of my blood is now in the glade. But it is healthy and well again. This time no evil tree stealing the freed souls.

    Damion dumped me. broke my heart, but he was going crazy, so maybe for the best? Val is engaged now. Happy for her. Tom got her last name too. More happy times. Now if I can find someone, maybe one of the Satyrs? They are cute and have beautiful music. Wish I can see Poppy again, want to play with her. Maybe even teach me how to turn people into chickens.

    The root on my Arm, it grew after I revived the Glade. Now bark is creeping up my arm. Not growing but its there now. Chris is trying to take over Tilverton. Don't really care. As long as I have my glade, maybe I will make a little hidden away home next to it? I need to do that.

    Planning to save Jon from his tree. Also planing to take friends to meet my Queen. I want to meet her and pledge myself to her court.

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