Tilverton Fair

  • [These posters are circulated through Arabel, Old Town, Eveningstar, East Way and out as far as the the Stonelands.]

    Tilverton announces its first fair to celebrate a month of operation and growth under the azure skies of Akadi!

    The village will be making several important announcements including:

    • Inviting settlers to join us!
    • The formation of Tilveton’s knightly order!
    • Exciting new technologies and crafts only available from Tilverton!
    • And more!

    This celebration is open to all of Arabel and the surrounding villages and territories; any who come in peace will be received in kind, regardless of your history, blood or legal status. If you cannot afford to get out here, we will have a caravan paid for by the Church of Akadi to bring people to and from the festivities-- food, drink and entertainment will also be provided free of charge.

    Games and Prizes will include (but won’t be limited to!):

    • Gambling!
    • Ugly clothing pageant! (with 1,000 coin prize)
    • Trivia games!
    • Sketches!
    • Tournaments of skill- wizardry, martial and other skills! (Weapons, scrolls and other things on offer for participation!)
    • Wind Racing! Ever wanted to fly? Race from the village down the Moonsea ride and back, each win will earn you 500 coin!
    • And more!

    Interested in joining the community?

    Our laws are simple:

    Do not kill. Do not steal.
    Respect the autonomy of others and let none take it in turn.
    Respect the gifts of Akadi.

    The Church of Akadi offers land grants to those with projects that will benefit the community and growth of it. Those accepting the grants will be expected to provide the materials and effort to see their vision come to life, but the Church is extremely flexible and open to development of the village and its community.

    Tilverton offers grants of our fertile farmlands lands blessed in the name of Chauntea and Istishia with gifts from local adventurers and druids. The land will be offered to those who’d work it, the village will buy your entire yield at market value and grant the land to your family afterwards.

    In association with the Church of Gond, Tilverton provides schooling in craft, reading, writing, magic, alchemy and more are also available for free at the Rallyhorn College.

    With the founding of the Order of Akasha, those who’d pursue a path to nobility and honor will find their calling with us.

    The fair will run in the Afternoon until the festivities natural conclusion at which time caravans will be waiting to take fairgoers home for free.

    Come join one of the fastest growing communities in Cormyr and relax away from the hustle and bustle of Arabel and its problems.

    This is all the invitation you need.

    Church of Akadi

    Bishopric of Tilverton

  • Roughly 4 hours from now this will be taking place.

  • The Golden Guard mercenary company will be performing escorts to and from Tilverton to all interested parties making their way to the Fair.

    We will make a sending before the escorts begin.

    Gather in the Spire near Maleens statue in an orderly fashion.

    This service will be provided on behalf of Tilverton free of charge.

    Those eager to join the Golden Guard Melee are encouraged to bring whatever tricks they deem necessary for victory.

    It is our hope that this demonstration of true disorganized combat will represent the chaos of battle and bring forth the finest blade in all the land.

    Prepare for Glory!


  • The Bishopric would like to personally thank everyone who came and enjoyed themselves, we hope to see you again soon and re-iterate our invitation to anyone seeking a chance at a new life out here to get in touch with us!

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