Ibrahim Cihan of the Golden Guards

  • Admin [DM]

    Mr Ibrahim Cihan,

    You are formally invited to the House of Winter for an audience with Lord Winter.
    Lord Winter has heard much of yourself, your company and its deeds.
    It is to the Lord's hope, you shall accept this invite and attend the audience.
    Other members of your crew, are too most welcome to attend.

    May the rays of the Morning Lord light you way

  • Lord Winter,

    Very well. I will make some men available for the audience, merely call when it is appropriate.


  • Admin [DM]


    Thank you for a delightful evening at the fair, I look forward to speaking with you further.

    I also wish to send my warmest gratitude to yourself and the heroic individuals whom faced of the dreadful lich within the Haunted Halls. A new dawn has risen, as Eveningstar may once again encourage adventurers to search the mysterious halls for grand secrets and treasure like the legendary Narfel Smith.

    In return for your heroic deeds, I have a reward which I will personal hand to you upon our next meeting. It is to my highest hopes you shall accept.

    Fairest of Dawns to You

  • Medeah,

    I, and the others, regretfully cannot in good conscience abandon Tilverton- Certainly not in this their hour of need. So as to your offer, I must decline.

    That is not to say we will not be able to make ourselves available to defend your village if it is required. We have, in the latest few weeks, been assisting the Purple Dragons with the culling of Lizardfolk that encroach upon your lands and shall continue to do so.

    Until we next meet,

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