So, EE, When we moving, what's the hold up?

  • I've seen some discussion about this here and there on discord, but when it comes to the technical aspects of swapping over I'm not the most informed person, and I'm sure not everyone has seen the chat's that have happened in discord about it so - Could the DMs give a detailed update on what the time frame for moving is, what the issues are holding us up, and anything that we the playerbase could do to help (Whether donating for a new server, helping from a technical aspect etc.).

    The reason I bring this up is, heard that other servers (Such as EfU) who have moved over are seeing a massive player influx. The earlier we move over, the better chance we have to attract new players before they get too settled in elsewhere. More players is only ever going to be beneficial to our server and our environment, because that means more stories being told, more intrigue and conflict happening, and more people to play with in general!

    While I understand there are probably some drawbacks to moving over quickly (ex some features of our server not working properly?) aren't there some things we could live without for a few weeks as those issues get ironed out?

  • Admin [DM]

    My smartass answer is "Soon[tm]" but I can say we're working on it.

  • The main issue is that the current scripts that run the server depends heavily on the NWN Extender (NWNX). The NWNX:EE version is still under heavy development and not quite complete.

    Also, moving the scripts from NWNX to NWNX:EE requires touching about 500-600 scripts, all of which have to updated, tested and deployed to the module. Not something that happens overnight.

    If there are other servers already jumping over to EE, their scripting base couldn't have been that complicated.

    I can say, though, that efforts are underway with decent progress. I can't fathom a guess on when all that will be done as all of the resources working on this are donating their time to the project so it's hard to judge resource levels.

  • Like I said, I'm not an expert by any means on the technical side of things. I do know that Efu does employ NWNX (at least to a certain extent) and the notable features that aren't working for them yet are persistent storage, custom weapon feats, and dynamic placeable names/descriptions.

    I guess why I made this thread was to figure out where we stand at moving over and what's going on, but also to raise the question of maybe it'd be worth moving over sooner and troubleshooting after, assuming that the features that would stop working (like persistent storage) are things that we are fine to do without for a bit, while benefitting from increased exposure to new players.

  • We are moving over as soon as we can, and then trouble shooting.

    Our module is much older than EfU; switching over is going to take us longer than we expected.

  • Arabel also does not have an admin that works at Beamdog, unlike Arelith. Or the advance prep time that came with that.

  • I’m in no rush for us to jump over... EE still has a lot of bugs and (at least for me) has been significantly unstable compared to NWN.

  • Understandable - and to be clear, this post isn't to be critical of our admin in any way. Rather, I just think that our player base having a clear understanding of the situation is a good thing, and if there is/are any ways that we can assist in helping the move over that most of our base would be willing to do so. My mentalitity is that the life blood of our server is players and DMs (basically, human man power). And the opportunity that EE is providing to replenish those numbers is worth some inconveniances. That being said, I appreciate and respect the work that you guys are putting in, and while I can't assist on the technical end due to lack of ability to do so, if we need monetary donations or something along that line to better the process, I would ask that the DM team contact me privately, I am more than willing to donate a substantial amount of $ to assist if that will help the situation!

    That being said, to the players of CoA, whether you know me or not, if you need assistance monetarily to upgrade to EE, please PM me, and we can work something out, I am more than willing to help in that regard.

    Thank you to the DM team and the player base for the continued years of making this server a great place to escape from the real world grind!

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