Letter to Baroness Rethil

  • Vedui' Baroness,

    I am Beilla Ciy'fewya, a resident of Tilverton, and I personally have bloodties to the fey. They have asked me toseek an audience with you to become an ambassador between Arael and Tilverton. I personally wish to see trade flow between the two villages, and see all sides prosper as we continue forward. There are a number of issues to discuss, including a certain troublesome matter best left to private discussion.

    I await your word by letter or pixie.

    Beilla Ciy'fewya

  • Admin [DM]

    [A large pile of petals is bumped over Beilla suddenly one morning at random, the source unknown]

  • Baroness,

    Since I seem unable to meet with you and time runs short, I shall send a sealed letter detailing a major issue.


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